Free Woodworking Plans - Table Furniture - Woodworking Plans to Build Tables

  •  Console Table for Outdoors
    Build this outdoor console table using readily available lumber and the free woodworking plans located at the link. Perfect as an accent piece or for serving drinks.
  •  Mirrored Side Table
    Bet you never considered building your own mirrored side tables!! Now you can and it is easier than you think. Follow along at the link and get started. Just think of the possibilities.
  •  Childrens Table
    Perfect for outdoor or in, this child size table is easy to build using the free plans available at the link. Paint it a fun color too.
  •  Storage Dining Table
    Build a vintage style dining table with added storage using the free step-by-step woodworking plans at the site. Who needs extra storage? Everyone, thats who.
  •  Sand or Water Table PDF
    This little table is the perfect height for little ones to play with water or sand. Download the free plans at the link and get building.
  •  Pedestal Accent Table
    This is a perfect project for you to DIY. Build your own pedestal accent table using the free step-by-step instructions at the link.
  •  Dog Crate/Side Table
    Here is a great two in one!! Build this dog crate/side table using the free woodworking plans available at the link.
  •  Waterfall Console Table PDF
    At the link are the free downloadable woodworking plans to build a waterfall console table. This one measures 35 inches long and 34 inches tall.
  •  Rustic Console Table
    At the link you can scroll down the page and get the free woodworking plans to build a rustic console table. The bottom shelf is perfect for oversized baskets or displays.
  •  Console Table with Faux Drawer PDF
    Follow along and build a console table for your entryway or hallway. This one has a little secret. The drawers are not real but you would never know. You can download the free plans at the link.
  • More Free Woodworking Projects - Table Furniture - Woodworking Plans to Build Tables

  •  Ping Pong Table
    Build a ping pong table the whole family can enjoy!! At the link you rill find complete instructions to build this project.
  •  Tablet Stand
    Use wood from your scrap pile to build this tablet stand. A quick and easy project that will come in handy, especially in the kitchen.
  •  Hexagon End Table
    Build a hexagon shaped end table with these free plans. You could choose to stain the whole project, paint the whole project or do a combination.
  •  Changing Table Topper
    Here is a quick and easy way to adapt your childs dresser into a changing table without altering the furniture at all. Build this changing table topper that will not slide off the edge.
  •  Modern End Table
    This modern end table is easy to build and the free woodworking plans at the link are easy to follow. You could go even darker with the base to mimic metal.
  •  Narrow Console Table
    This console table can be customized to suit your space. Add an extra support leg in the center and stretch the length if you wish. Build it using these free step-by-step plans.
  •  Narrow Console Table
    Console tables are great for entryways or hallways, this one is narrow in width but big on style. Perfect for a small entryway or hall.
  •  Dining Table with Storage
    This table is perfect for the kitchen or dining room but will also double as a spot for kids to get creative. When they are finished just scoop the crayons into the hidden compartment. Free building plans at the link.
  •  Game Table
    This might be the perfect table for games night. It features plenty of storage for all your games. Just follow along at the link and build one for your family fun.
  •  Double X Console Table
    Building furniture with the X is very popular but building a double X console table is the bomb. Free plans to build your own console table are available at the link.
  • Table Furniture - Woodworking Plans to Build Tables Woodworking Plans for sale

  •  Small Parts Tablesaw Sled Woodworking Plan
    Hold small parts securely, safely, and dead-square to the blade for clean and super-accurate cuts on your tablesaw.
  •  Wagon Wheel Picnic Table Woodworking Pattern
    We are very proud to offer our wagon wheel picnic table. We show you how to make the wagon wheel and offer options on how to proceed. Lots of pictures and text to guide you through the build. As well as a few options on making the table seating depending on your skill level or willingness to learn new skills.
  •  Tennis Table Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: Craft Pattern 940 makes it easy to build this standard size table tennis at a saving of one-half. Its top is plywood. Its frame corners and legs interlock to make a rigid support. Pattern shows assembly.
  •  Elegant Accent Table Woodworking Plan
    Despite its gracefully curved leg rails and tapered legs, and wedged top, this English Arts and Crafts-style accent table is surprisingly easy to build. Our patterns and step-by-step instructions guide you to success.
  •  Tabletop Penguins Woodworking Plan
    Here is a great little gift idea for the holidays. This fun-loving threesome will bring good cheer to all who receive them. And, of course, you will get credit for delivering the good tidings.
  •  Tablesaw Sanding Table Woodworking Plan
    A built-in dust chute links it directly to your shop vacuum or dust collector. We designed this sanding table to fit a 10 inch Jet Contractors Saw. You will probably have to alter the tables size to f...
  •  Portable Finishing Center Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    Apply finished in a dust-free enclosure that sets up or tears down in just 5 minutes. Deploy this handy tent any time you want to wipe or brush on a finish without having to shut down the rest of your shop. Best of all, you can build one in an afternoon with about $80 worth of materials from a home center.
  •  Table Top Sleigh Vintage Woodworking Plan
    Get your scroll saw ready and build this table-top sleigh consisting of only seven pieces. This is a vintage woodworking plan. Visit our FAQ page for a full definition. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual item you are buying.
  •  Portable Mini Lathe Base Woodworking Plan
    The two roomy drawers in this easy-to-build benchtop base keep your mini lathes centers and other accessories close at hand. When you are done with your turning session, just grab hold of the convenie...
  •  Table Saw Dust Collector Construction Plan
    This table saw dust-collector hood is effective as well as convenient. The big window lets you see your cut at all times, and neither the hood nor its support will impede your sawing. Included is a bo...
  •  Southwest Trio of Tables Woodworking Plan
    You do not have to live in the Southwest to justify building one or more of these distinctive matching tables. Aside from their individual dimensions, our sofa table, end table, and coffee tables feat...
  •  Tablesaw Tapering Jig Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    If you do not have a store-bought tapering jig for your tablesaw, you easily can make one from scrap to safely and accurately cut tapers on legs and other angled workpieces. Here is an easy way to make repeatable angled rip cuts.
  •  Pier Table Woodworking Plan Featuring Norm Abram
    A person could sit at the table located under or adjacent to a window and peer outside, hence the similar name. Norm found an original to this table while on the east coast in the USA. He made his almost exactly the same. We think the bones of the table are quite good so that even making the table and not painting it, the table would be a beautiful table. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual item you are buying.
  •  Turkey Table Woodworking Plan Featuring Norm Abram
    We are not sure why its called a Turkey Table but the distinctive design of the clover leaf top and tri-leg construction makes it a worthwhile piece to build. Norm found his inspiration from a private collection of furniture in the southern Unites States. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual paper plan you are buying.
  •  Occasional Table Woodworking Plan
    It is not often that you can make a great-looking piece of furniture, such as this table, in just one weekend (plus maybe a couple weekday evening hours to apply the finish). And if you have been savi...
  •  Sideless Side Table Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    This table hides its unique minimalist construction. That is because the drawers do not disappear inside an enclosed carcase leaving only their fronts visible. Instead, the drawers fill in where side and back panels should be. Removing the drawers reveals a skeletal carcase of four legs joined by rails, and a top panel. You will also learn the steps in cutting lock-rabbet drawer joints on the tablesaw.
  •  Mahogany Outdoor Table Vintage Woodworking Plan
    For a durable outdoor table, we designed this 48 x 48 inch square table. It features mortise and tenon joinery and a top with splined miter joints. Once completed, this project will give you years of enjoyable service.
  •  Tablesaw Alignment Block Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    Use this simple jig to align both your tablesaw blade and rip fence for clean, accurate cuts.
  •  Pantry Table Woodworking Plan Featuring Norm Abram
    Norm is in the mood for building English country style furniture. While this table is called a pantry table, its design is suited for many locations in the home. The table features tapered legs and beaded drawer fronts, dovetail drawer box construction and for added strength, a breadboard top. A suitable companion to R-NYW5041 Coffee Table. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual paper plan you are buying.
  •  Tile Top Table Vintage Woodworking Plan
    This tile-top table is practical with small children and you can customize it with your choice of tiles. This is a vintage woodworking plan. Visit our FAQ page for a full definition. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual item you are buying.
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