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1925 Ford Model T Truck Woodworking Pattern

The plan package includes over 150 photographs, drawings and full size patterns. Make photocopies of the pages, trim out the patterns, adhere to wood and cut. The truck measures 15 inches long x 6 inc...

USD 15.95
15 Points | In Stock
1910 Ford Model T Woodworking Pattern.

Following three other popular vehicle woodworking plans, we introduce the 1910 Model T Ford plan. It is one of the most recognized vehicles in automotive history. The Tin Lizzy as it was known, was manufactured in the millions early in the 1900s and changed life in America.

USD 15.95
15 Points | In Stock
1885 Ford Quadricycle Woodworking Plan.

After the success of three previous Ford automobile wood projects, we introduce our fourth. It was Henry Ford’s first car.

USD 17.95
17 Points | In Stock
Bear Doll Log Cabin Woodworking Plan.

A doll house made from shop-made 3/4″ diameter logs that interlock like Lincoln Logs. The furniture too, is made from wood dowels for a rustic, log furniture look.

USD 19.95
17 Points | In Stock
Stutz Bearcat Antique Automobile Woodworking Plan.

The Stutz Bearcat was a favoured status symbol in early automotive history. It began production in 1921 and quickly gained attention with a 360 cubic inch, 4 cylinder L head engine and 60 horsepower. It won significant auto races during this era.

USD 17.95
19 Points | In Stock
Country Roundup Wagon Wheel Picnic Table Woodworking Pattern

We are very proud to offer our wagon wheel picnic table. We show you how to make the wagon wheel and offer options on how to proceed. Lots of pictures and text to guide you through the build. As well ...

USD 19.95
19 Points | In Stock
Childrens Giraffe Rocker Woodworking Pattern.

Kids will have lots of fun rocking through their next safari ride with Mr Giraffe. Easy to build, all parts can be made from one piece of 3/4 x 24 x 48 inch plywood and a length of dowel. Full size dr...

From USD 9.95
5 Points | In Stock
Megladon Shark Jaw Silhouette

A simple silhouette you can quickly cut out with a jig saw.

USD 6.95
6 Points | In Stock
Cow Fruit Hanger Woodworking Plan

Feature a special hook that allows you to hang your bananas to reduce bruising and soft spots. Baskets hold apples, oranges and other fruit. Patterns drawn FULL SIZE.

USD 8.99
10 Points | In Stock
Post Patrol Woodworking Plan.

A policeman, a fireman and the firehouse dog.

USD 16.99
8 Points | In Stock
Pickup Truck Woodworking Plan

You can make this pickup truck from three pieces of 1/2 x 12 x 12 inch plywood.

USD 14.99
16 Points | In Stock
Tropical Bird Coin Banks Woodworking Plans

This coin bank set of plans includes all three birds.

USD 15.99
5 Points | In Stock
Mini Dinomobiles Woodworking Plans

These colourful fun sized miniature Dinomobiles are quick and easy to build using 3/4 inch thick lumber.

USD 5.99
5 Points | In Stock
Dinomobiles Woodworking Plans

These colourful fun sized Dinomobiles are quick and easy to build using 1-*1/2 inch thick lumber.

USD 9.99
9 Points | In Stock
Small Great Dane Dog Woodworking Plans

This Great Danes project is half the size of the actual dog and is made from 3/8 and 3/4 inch plywood or lumber.

USD 16.99
16 Points | In Stock
Wagner Moisture Meter Digital Shopline Model MMC205

Wagner's budget conscious moisture meter, ideal for wood flooring and woodworking applications to read common softwood and hardwood species and do not require moisture measurement to the tenth-of-a-percent precision.

USD 280.00
1 In Stock
Wagner Moisture Meter Extended Range Model MMC220

Wagner's most popular selling model for applications that relate to woodworking, whether you dry lumber as a sawyer, or work with wood to build furniture or install flooring.

USD 395.00
3 In Stock
A Clown Clothes Rack

The plan says: In looking about for a small gift for a child, you cannot do better than select this colorful wall rack for clothes.

USD 9.95
9 Points | In Stock
Redwood Lounge

This is the time to make up some comfortable redwood furniture for sunning and relaxing this summer.

USD 9.95
9 Points | 1 In Stock
American Woodworker Issue 22 October 1991 Recycled Woodworking Magazine

This early issue of American Woodworker magazine, even though a few decades old, still holds premium content for woodworking projects and articles on workshop techniques that are relevant in todays wo...

USD 7.95
7 Points | In Stock
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