Table Saw Essentials Table Saw Essentials Schiffer Books There is a table saw for every woodworking situation, and this book covers them all. Review their unique features, the pros and cons, and their set-up and use. Five saws are covered in detail, representing the four basic types. 34_33248 34-33248 24.99 WoodworkersWorkshop

Table Saw Essentials

34-33248 - Table Saw Essentials
There is a table saw for every woodworking situation, and this book covers them all. Review their unique features, the pros and cons, and their set-up and use. Five saws are covered in detail, representing the four basic types. Beginning with a bench top saw on a handy dolly, it moves to the slightly larger and more powerful contractors saw, both of which are good for the job site. For the workshop, there are the slightly larger hybrid saw with a cabinet base, the full cabinet saw with an extended table, and the Saw-Stop, a cabinet saw with a revolutionary braking system that virtually eliminates accidents caused by putting a hand in the way of the blade. In addition, a wide range of accessories and jigs to increase the usefulness of the saw and maximize safety are covered. Finally, a step-by-step guide to setting up adjusting, and using a table saw is included, with a primer for new users and a few new tricks for seasoned veterans. This is an invaluable book for the woodworking library.

Book Author: Steve Penberthy

Book Format: Softcover

Book Pages: 128

Book Publisher: Schiffer Books

Book Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0-7643-3324-8

Book Dimensions: 11 inches tall 8.5 inches wide

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