Free Woodworking Plans - Shelves

  •  Office Shelf Organizer
    This desk organizer is an easy build and you have the choice of either attaching it together or leaving it to be adjustable. Oh, and you only need one 1 x 10 x 8 foot board to build it.
  •  Coffee Table with Built In Bookshelf
    This coffee table features a shelf for remotes and magazines, and there is a built-in bookshelf on the end. Use the step-by-step plans at the link to build this coffee table.
  •  Coffee Table with Shelf
    This modern coffee table is an easy build and the lower shelf is the perfect spot for baskets. Build it using the free step-by-step woodworking plans available at the link.
  •  Bookshelf With Metal Accents
    Build this beautiful bookshelf with metal accents using the free woodworking tutorial located at the link.
  •  Floating Plant Shelf
    This floating shelf has a hole in the top for a plant to sit in. The free step-by-step plans at the link will walk you through the building process. Remember you can adjust the length of this shelf to suit your space.
  •  Key Holder with Shelf
    Build this wall mounted key holder that features a floating shelf. Perfect for your entryway and easy to build using the free step-by-step woodworking plans.
  •  Chunky Floating Shelf
    Build a chunky floating shelf, perfect for seasonal decorating. It is easy to build too. Bonus! Build it using these free instructions.
  •  Kids Wall Mounted Bookshelf
    These wall mounted bookshelves are perfect for children to keep their own personal library. Be sure to install them low for children to reach. Free plans at the link.
  •  Dinosaur Shelf
    Perfect for a childs room or playroom, this dinosaur shelf is the perfect place to hang backpacks or towels. Free step-by-step instructions available at the link.
  •  Shadow Box Shelf
    These shadow box shelves are perfect for displaying your childrens stuffed toys or even for your own display purposes. Follow along at the link to find out how easy they are to build.
  • More Free Woodworking Projects - Shelves

  •  Shelf Unit Room Divider
    Build a shelf unit room divider using wood of your choice. Of course it could also sit along a wall as well. Easy to build...easy to assemble.
  •  Storage Shelf with Baskets
    This storage shelf would be the perfect unit for housing the vast amount of toys kids seem to have these days. Build it using the free plans at the link.
  •  Interlocking Shelf Unit
    Learn how to build an interlocking shelf unit using the free plans at the link. This method of using cross-lap joints is a traditional technique for joining pieces together eliminating the need for screws.
  •  Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar
    Here is an easy to build bathroom shelf which includes a towel bar. Build it using the free instructions available at the link.
  •  Industrial Style Shelf Unit
    Build an industrial style shelving unit using pipe, floor flanges, and wood. Free building instructions at the link.
  •  Triangle Keepsake Shelf
    Build a simple triangle keepsake shelf using the free tutorial at the link.
  •  Simple Office Shelf
    Build a simple office shelf using the free woodworking plans available at the link.
  •  Floating TV Shelf
    This narrow floating shelf is perfect for TV components. It could also work well in the hallway by the front door for keys. Build it using these free plans.
  •  Cubby Shelf
    Build this cubby wall shelf unit using the free woodworking plans at the link.
  •  Rocket Bookshelf
    Decorate a space themed childrens playroom or bedroom by building this rocket bookshelf using these free plans.
  • Shelves Woodworking Plans for sale

  •  Architectural Shelf Brackets Woodworking Plan
    Though the ornate scrollwork on these architectural shelf brackets looks tricky, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to cut and assemble the five-layer lamination that lends them their classic carved appearance.
  •  Eagle Shelf Woodworking Plan
    This patriotic eagle with spread wings provides a wall shelf to display memorabilia. Designed to be simple to make and finish. Make it from 3/4 inch stock. All patterns drawn FULL SIZE.
  •  Twin Steeple Shelf Clock Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: This fine sharp Gothic clock with twin steeples resembles those shelf clocks made in nineteenth century America by Brewster and Ingraham. You can make the four slender pillars and spires as detailed on the pattern, or, if you prefer, you may obtain them ready made. Build the clock of a fine hardwood and fit it with painted dial or paint the dial yourself. Then install a clock movement with pendulum. This pattern has full-size patterns and complete details. You will be the proud possessor of a beautiful clock, if you work carefully and apply a good finish.
  •  Contemporary Wall Shelf Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    This quick-to-make contemporary wall shelf is a great way to use plywood scraps. And, we will cover in detail how to disguise those plies with edge banding.
  •  Simple Coat Rack Shelf Unit Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    This is a handy project for the hall, porch or mudroom and features a shelf and coat pegs (or use for hats, scarves etc). It is a flexible design that can be lengthened, made to match a colonial or contemporary decor and has a backboard area that is perfect for tole painting, decopage, woodburning, etc.Full size patterns included. Enlarge or reduce the size of the curved parts and vary the part sizes to suit your needs.
  •  Multipurpose Hanger Shelf Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    A hang-anywhere home for easy-to-misplace tools. This shelf unit with protruding dowels helps minimize clutter from your workbench.
  •  Early American Whatnot Corner Shelf Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: This sturdy whatnot is 30 inches high. With full sized patterns you can lay out its sides and shelves and assembly quickly.
  •  Phone Shelf Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: This accommodates the phone set, a pad of paper, city and suburban directories. You can build it in an evening with the full size plans to trace onto plywood or other wood that you use.
  •  Minute Man Shelf Clock Vintage Woodworking Plan
    This is a vintage woodworking plan, materials list included. The plan provides source for instrument hardware but that company is no longer in business. Use the information to source your own clock parts. Visit our FAQ page for a full definition. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual item you are buying.
  •  2 Shelf Bracket Group 3 Downloadable Scrollsaw Woodworking Pattern PDF
    Sawbuck projects! Cut it out from scrap wood you probably have in your workshop. Sell for a couple bucks and you are in money. Simply resize the pattern to suit the size of brackets you want to build. Beginner skill level.
  •  Mini Bracket Shelf Download Woodcraft Pattern PDF
    Our Mini-Bracket Shelf is an excellent accent piece in a hall or entrance where something narrow is required. Cut from 1/2 inch pine. Assemble with glue. Finish as desired (we prefer stain and a flat or matte clear finish). Beginner skill level.
  •  Simple Wall Mount Shelf Unit Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    This is a very versatile design that may be used as a jewelry rack, decorative shelf, mirror, etc. Look over the design and all the options before you begin so you can create a project that most fits your needs. This plan offers full size drawing where required.
  •  Strong on Style Shelf System Woodworking Plan
    Steel-reinforced construction, modular knockdown design, and timeless styling make these shelves a triple treat. They are the ideal solution for students as well as families on the move. And because t...
  •  Country Wall Shelf Woodworking Plan
    Whether you use it for hanging coats, mugs, or hand-dipped candles, with this simply constructed accent, you can countrify your homes entry or kitchen in a hurry. The Shaker pegs and eye-catching...
  •  Elegant Scrollsawn Wall Shelf Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
    Now here is a shelf that is easy to make, yet fully befitting of your fanciest collectibles. So fire up the old scrollsaw—after a little bit of cutting and assembly you will have a shelf sized to suit most any wall. Rely on our full-size patterns to ensure your success when making this ornate home accent.
  •  Reading Rack Bookshelf Woodworking Plan
    Keep your reading materials, whether books or magazines, in order with this convertible case. You can hang one on a wall, set one on a desk, or stack several of them on the base as a beautiful all-in-one bookcase and magazine rack like this one. The shelves sit flat to display books or angle forward for magazines.
  •  Clock Shelf and Ivy Shelf Vintage Woodworking Plan Set
    This is a vintage woodworking plan. Visit our FAQ page for a full definition. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual item you are buying. As for the clock shelf, a requisite for a good jig-saw pattern is a symmetrical design, usually with its opposite halves identical. You will find this true of this pattern. Indeed, a half pattern usually is shown, to be traced one side of the center line, then reversed and traced on the other side of the line. With the lines traced, it is only necessary to saw exactly to the lines to get a perfect job. As for the Ivy Shelf, small shelves like this are typical of the Victorian period, and are to be found in most antique collections. You can saw them out of plywood or hardboard, with a hand coping saw, but cutting is easier, and quicker of course, with a power jigsaw (srollsaw). Most important, however, are full-sized patterns of parts which can be traced directly onto the working material. Measurements below are for the Ivy Shelf.
  •  Telephone Shelf Vintage Woodworking Plan
    This shelf can be made using a scrollsaw, bandsaw or jig saw. This is a vintage woodworking plan that was published for the Information Rack Services of General Motors Personnel Staff. Visit our FAQ page for a full definition. View the Larger Image Slideshow to see the actual item you are buying.
  •  Drill Press Column Bit Shelf Woodworking Plan
    You can keep the most frequently used bits and accessories for your drill press with this simple to build holder. We designed ours to fit a 3-1/8 inch diameter column but you can easily adapt the plan to fit your needs, whether it be a drill press column or a steel post in your workshop.
  •  Duncan Knickknack Shelf Vintage Woodworking Plan
    The plan says: You can make this shelf in an evenings time. No special tools or skill required. Just trace pattern on wood, saw and assemble. Scraps of lumber, plywood or composition board may be used if painted. Stain, paint or leave natural to match other furnishings. You will find many uses for this decorative wall and corner shelf. An ideal gift for almost any occasion.
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