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The Internet's Original and Most Trusted free access database to free woodworking plans and projects links. Updated daily, there is a lot to offer! Below you will find categories and links to woodworking resources across the Internet. If this is your first time visiting, please visit the About this site link in the navigation menu.

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Tips on using Our Site Search feature:

Our Advanced Site Search Engine

- Results will display both free and fee plans and are easy to distinguish because we categorize all links by LinkType which you will see with each listing.

Fine tuning this site's search engine results is an ongoing process...and a never ending process. There are a few basic things to remember that will bring about the best results.

General Information:

The search results are pulled from the complete database of resources. With respect to the woodworking plans, the search results will bring a mixture of woodworking plans and projects, both free and fee. In this web site's page content and in displayed images and banners will be links to plans that cost money. If you chose to buy a plan from one of our advertisers, you are helping support this freely accessible woodworking service. And we very much appreciate it. Every day we search the Internet and post the newest plans that are free as well as the most recent published plans for designers.

After you enter a keyword search for our site search engine, the browser will reappear, then it will refresh the page to bring you the search results. Sometimes....this refreshing of the browser page is delayed for several reasons. Either you are searching using a very general term so many results are being collected for display or there are many people using the search feature at one time. Please be patient.

Make use of an under-utilized feature of this site called the “Category” link. This Category link is found with every listing when searching the site. Clicking it will bring you right to the category it belongs to. This category feature is made available because not all associated keywords are with each listing Simply browse the category for other related items. Most categories have multiple pages so look toward the bottom of the listing for a navigation list "Page 1 2 3 4 ...".


Do not bother using the double quotes. They are not necessary.
Do not use the hyphen - if you think its part of a search term. A recent airplane search for fokker D-VIII brought no results. Then they tried fokker DVIII. You can drop the hyphen and try searching for fokker D VIII or better yet, just search for fokker
Use words in the singular, an example being table instead of tables.
Some words will bring back unrelated results. Searching for cat will also bring back catalog. Try using associated words like kitten. Also try two word combinations like cat and animal (no need to type "and"). Or just find categories related to animals, wildlife etc. There are a few of these, especially in the scrollsaw woodworking plans area.
Maybe you know of a plan that appeared in your favorite magazine, lets say it was a router jig in ShopNotes® Magazine. Well, if its accessible online we probably have it listed. So, a combination of words like shopnotes magazine router jig will bring back results you can browse through. The results in this case will pull up related items from other magazines too, but it will shorten your list than if you where just looking for router jig as keywords.
Using a common word like the example above can bring back hundreds if not thousands of results. Fine tune your search by using additional words like table router. If you were looking for a free woodworking plan to build a router table then enter table router free.
Some keywords may not have always been added to individual listings at the time of their entry into the resource database. Try another keyword or use the old tried and true method to find the appropiate category and browse through the listings.


Another method is to use a portion of a URL address. If you have been in a situation where you can not quite remember the complete URL, try typing a portion of the URL into our Search engine. You may just find it.
For web site owners this is a quick method to see what part of your site may be listed and how many pages are listed.

More Plans Needed

Whether you are a web site owner or a web surfer, if you have (or have found plans) not listed here, we would be happy to list them. In this circumstance, please contact us.

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