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WoodworkersWorkshop.com is a woodworking site that lists almost 20,000 free woodworking plans, projects, free scroll sawing patterns and woodworking plans to buy.

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This is the Free Woodworking Plans, Projects and Patterns category of information.

Free woodworking plans and easy free woodworking projects added and updated every day. Use our RSS feed to keep up-to-date on the latest free woodworking information. Free search access too! Organized by topic in alphabetical order. We were the first organized database of free woodworking plans online. Today, we still work for you to continue providing the most up to date database. First time here? Read About Us (link at bottom of page). Free woodworking plans to build quilt racks, gun cabinets, patios,picnic tables, kids furniture, toys and thousands more for beginners and all skill levels.

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Aquarium Stands and Cages
fish tanks, in wall aquarium, aquarium stands, acrylic tank, aquarium canopy, canopies, covers,
Archery, Crossbows and Arrows
free plans to build bows and arrows,long bows,crosswbows,sapling archery,fletching
Barbeque Carts and BBQ Fire Pits
fire pits,barbeque carts,BBQ tables,barbequeing pits,grilling stations,camp stoves
Bars and Liquor Cabinets
liquor cabients homebars sports bars recroom patio deck serving drinks
free woodworking plans,basket making projects,building craft baskets,hobbiest
Bat Houses
free woodworking blueprints and plans to build bat houses,chamber rockets,bat boxes
Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets
free woodworking plans,bathroom vanities plans,bathroom vanity cabinets,bathrooms cabinets,buy bathr
Bed Headboards
Free Woodworking Plans Projects bedroom beds headboards home furniture
Bedroom Dresser Cabinets
free woodworking plans,bedroom dressers furniutre,bedroom dresser with handles,build bedroom dresser
Bedroom Night Stand Tables
bedroom furniture,nightstands,night stands,tables,wooden handcrafted furniture,nighttable,bedside,
Beds and Bedroom Furniture
bedroom furniture,free beds woodworking plans,bunkbeds,captians bed,racecar bed,built-in beds
Beds, Bunk
free woodworking plans,bunkbeds, bunk beds,bunk beds with trundle,bunk beds cheap,bunk beds with des
free plans building bee hives,bee boxes,bee keepers,broods,honeycomb tanks,bee frames
Benches Indoors
benches,free woodworking plans,building benches,seats,seating,sitting,wooden benches
Benches Outdoors
outdoor bencces,patio furniture,wood seating,garden benches,plater benches,storage benches
free bird feeder plans,birdfeeders,squirrel proff bird feeders,humming bird feeders,wooden feeders
free birdhouses plans,free woodworking plans,free projects,building birdhouses,robins,bluebirds
Boats, Dories and other Watercraft
free boats,free canoes,free woodworking plans,free construction projects,free building help
Bookcases, Bookshelves
free bookcases,free woodworking plans,free bookshelf building projects,free instructions,free plans
free woodworking plans,bowls plans,wooden bowls designs,wood bowls cheap,bowl making on the lathe,tu
Box Building
boxes,wooden boxes,free woodworking plans,box making projects,free projects,wood boxes
Boxes and Chests for Toys
free woodworking plans,toy boxes plans,toy chest designs,free toys storage boxes,build a toybox,wood
Buffets, Sideboards and China Cabinets
sideboards,buffets,china cabinets,furniture,build your own
Building Barns Construction Plans
Free woodworking plans,buildings,construction,barns,farm shelters,wooden barns,farms,farming
Building Cabins Construction Plans
Free woodworking plans,buildings,construction,cabins,cottages,houses,homes,lake,rural,dwelling,rural
Building Garages Construction Plans
Free woodworking plans,garages,workshop,floor plans,layout,.storage,buildings,construction,how to bu
Building Garden Sheds
free woodworking plans,sheds,garden sheds plans,shed blueprints,toolshed designs,ideas,build,
Building Greenhouses
greenhouses, nursery, glasshouse, growing flowers, cold frames, floral, gardeners, gardening, indoor
Building Houses and Floor Plans
houses,homes,floor plans,building a house,home plans,floor layout,construction ideas,home styles,
Building Outhouses Construction Plans
Free woodworking plans,outdoor toilets,outhouses,privys,kybo,jakes,earth-closets,toolsheds,cabins,ru
Building Sheds and Outbuildings
plans for toolsheds,gardeners sheds,storage sheds,sheds online,gardening shed plans,how to build a w
Buildings Agricultural
barns,buildings,free woodworking plans,free construction diagrams,free drawings,free projects
Buildings Assorted Construction Plans
Free woodworking plans, buildings, construction, picnic shelters,farm shelters,restrooms,showers,com
Bulletin and Memo Boards
free woodworking plans,memo board for kids plans,bulleting board designs,corkboard projects, memoboa
Cabinet Making
cabinets,free woodworking plans,free cabinet making projects,cabinet building instructions,how-to,di
Caddy and Tote Plans
free woodworking plans,caddy,totes,trolleys,wooden caddys,bbq caddy,barbeque caddy,how to make,caddy
Candle Holders
free woodworking plans,candles,candlestick holders, wooden candlestick holders,candle holder plans,c
Candle Sconces and Lanterns
free woodworking plans,wooden candle sconces,wall candle sconce plans,lanterns
free woodworking plans,carts,wooden carts,mobile carts,cart furniture,ikea,build a trolley cart,bbq
carvings,free woodworking plans,carvers free projects,free carving patterns,wooden carvings,diy
CD and DVD Storage Units
cd towers,dvd cabinets,free woodworking plans,free projects,cd storage cabinets,multimedia cabinets
Chairs of all types.
free woodworking plans,chairs, wooden chairs,chair making,morris chairs,handcrafted chairs,build a c
Chests for Blankets and Storage
free blanket chests,free woodworking plans,free storage boxes
Chests, Treasure
treasure chests,pirates chest
Chicken Coops
chicken coops,building blueprints,how to construct,diy
Childrens Bookshelves
childrens,childs,kids,bookcases,bookshelves,book ledges,book storage
Childrens Furniture
free childrens furniture,kids playroom furniture,free projects,free woodworking plans,high chairs,ch
Childrens Playhouses, Playgrounds and Clubhouses
playhouses,disney playhouse,childs playhouse plans,kids clubhouse plans,playground plans,childresn,k
Childrens Sandboxes
sandboxes,childrens sandboxes,sandbox games,sandbox structures,builiding a sandbox,how to build a ch
Childrens Treehouses
treehouses,build a treehouse,childrens treehouse plans,kids treehouse designs,treehouse games,treeho
Christmas Decor
free woodworking plans,christmas tree ornaments,wooden ornaments,turned ornaments,scrollsaw ornament
free woodworking plans,clocks,clock plans,clock designs,build clocks,wooden clocks,grandfather clock
Closet Organizers
free woodworking plans,closets,closet organizers,california closets,closet organizer designs,build a
Coat Racks and Coat Trees
free woodworking plans,coat racks,coat trees,hallway coatracks,wooden coattrees,entranceway coat han
Coffee Tables
free coffee table plans,coffee table designs,wooden coffee tables,glass topped coffee tables,furnitu
Corner Cabinets and Corner Shelves
free woodworking plans,corner cabinets,corner shelves,corner shelf,projects,corner cabinet plans,bui
Cradles and Cribs
free woodworking plans,baby cradles,baby cribs,crib plans,cradle plans,wooden baby cradle,build a ba
Cutting Boards
free woodworking plans,cutting boards,wooden cutting boards,handmade cutting board,cutting board oil
Decks, Patios and Porches
decks,patios,outdoors living spaces,free instructions,free construction advice,wooden structures,sup
free woodworkin gplans,desks,office desks,student desks,desk plans,build a desk,desk furniture,desk
Display Cabinets
free woodworking plans,display cabinets projects,display cabinet plans,building display cabinets,woo
Doghouses and Pet Accessories
free doghouses,building doghouses,pets,dogs,puppys,pups,pupppies,doghuts,how to build a doghouse,ins
Dollhouses and Doll Furniture
free woodworking plans,dollhouses,dollhouse furniture,dollhouse miniature,dollhouse kits,dollhouse a
Door Construction
doors,wooden doors,screen doors,door chimes,archways,arched doors,frame and panel doors
Doors, Raised Panel
free woodworking plans,raised panel door software,raised panel door plans,raised panel doors constru
Drawers and Drawer Accessories
free woodworking plans,drawers,making a drawer,drawer slides,building a drawer,drawer pulls,drawer o
Easels and Chalkboards
free woodworking plans,chalkboards,easels,artists easels,easel plans,easel stands,easel pads
Entertainment Centers and TV Stands
free woodworking plans,entertainment center plans,tv stands,televisions
Fence Building
fences,fencing,building fences,wooden fences,wooden gates,installing fence posts,diy,how-to
Fence Garden Gates
how to build a wooden gate,building wood gates,fences,gardens,make,construction tips,advice,how-to,D
Fireplaces and Mantel Surrounds
free woodworking plans,fireplaces,fireplace mantel plans,fireplace surround designs,build a fireplac
Floating Shelves
floating shelves
Footstools and Ottomans
free woodworking plans,footstools,ottomans,wooden footstools,mission style ottoman furniture,
Free Magazines, Catalogs for Contractors and Woodworkers
free woodworking catalogs,free trial issues,shop online,gift catalogs,gingerbread,Rockler,Grizzly
free woodworking plans,games,wooden games,wood board games,chessboards,checkers,cribbage,croquet,dom
Garden Adirondack Furniture
free adirondack chairs blueprints,building plans,projects,tables,deck furniture
Garden Arbors
garden arbors,cedar arbors,wooden gazebo plans,garden gazebos,wood deck plans,hand crafted
Garden Bridges
free plans for garden bridges,cedar bridges,truss bridges,garden foot bridges,covered bridges
Garden Cold Frames
free plans to build cold frames,kits,greenhouse construction blueprints,hobby growers,hot beds
Garden Composter Bins
building the best compost bins,composting waste,pallet compost bins,raised beds,organic gardening
Garden Gazebos
garden gazebos uk,gazebos and canopies,gazebos for hottubs,gazebos for spas,gazebos plans,gazebos ki
Garden Lattice
garden lattice quilts,garden lattice screens,wooden lattice work,wooden lattice fences,lattice fence
Garden Miscellaneous
Free woodworking plans,gardens,gardening,outdoors,furniture,how to build,footbridges,arches,birdbath
Garden Obelisks
obelisks,obelisks wooden,obelisks how to build,obelisk restaurant washington dc,garden obelisks,vine
Garden Outdoor Furniture
garden furniture,tables,benches,seating,Adirondack,woodworking plans,projects
Garden Outdoor Furniture Chairs
chairs,free projects,garden furniture,patio chairs,Adirondack chairs
Garden Outdoor Furniture Lounge Chairs
garden furniture,lounge chairs,free plans,projects
Garden Raised Beds
how to build raised garden beds,planting,gardeners, gardenings,wooden,supports,lumber,construction a
Garden Retaining Walls
retaining walls, retaining wall blocks,retaining wall designs,retaining wall construction,retaining
Garden Trellis
garden trellises, garden trellis designs,garden trellis plans,garden trellis company,garden trellis
Gardener Potting Benches
potting benches,potting tables,wooden benches,gardening,gardeners,flower potting tables
Jewelry Boxes
free woodworking plans,jewelry box plans,jewelry boxes,jewellry box designs,wooden jewelry boxes,tri
Kitchen Accessories
free woodworking plans,kitchen accessories,kitchen cabinets,kitchen breakfast nook plans,breakfast n
Kitchen Islands
free woodworking plans,kitchen islands,center islands,kitchen island designs,kitchen island carts,ki
free woodworking plans,ladders,wooden ladder plans,plant ladders,library ladders,build a ladder,how
Lamps and Lighting
free woodworking plans,lamps,lighting,lamp furniutre,contemporary lamp ideas,mission style lamps
Lathe Turnings
free woodworking plans,lathe plans,turning on a lathe,lathe machines,lathe tools,lathe clocks,lathe
Magazine Racks
free woodworking plans,magazine racks,magazine rack plans,bathroom magazine rack designs,build a woo
mailboxes,mailbox free plans,how to build mailboxes,wooden mailboxes,roadside mailboxes,house
free woodworking plans,mirrors,mirrored furniutre,mirror frames,framed mirrors,wooden mirror with fr
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with A
free woodworkin gplans,address plates,address signs,aquarium stands,animal traps,attic spaces,bird a
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with B
free plans,balance beams,banks,basketball,bathroom,beams,beer cases,birdbath,bleachers,boardwalks,bo
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with C
free woodworking plans,cabriolet legs,calendars,canoes,carports,christmas tree stands,cookbook holde
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with D
free woodworking plans,dartboard cabinets projects,displya stands,docks,derby cars,bamboo domes,how
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with F
free woodworking plans,firescreens,fishing rod stands,fitness rooms,floors,flower press,footrests,fo
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with G
free woodworking plans,free growth charts childs,free kids growth charts,goblets,globes,grommets,gli
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with H
free woodworking plans,hammocks,hinges,home theater,horse equipment,humidors,hunting,hunters,shaving
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with I
free woodworking plans,ice houses,ice rinks,igloo building tools,iguana cages,inlay,inlaid pictures,
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with K
Kaleidoscopes,key chimes,keyholders,kilns,kiln dryers,wooden kites,
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with L
laundry chutes,laundry centers,lazy susans,light switch plates,lecturns,podiums,pulpits,longworth ch
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with M
free woodworking plans,Marionette Puppets,marquetry,mats,menorahs,mud rooms,
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with N
free woodworking plans,needlepoint,notepad holder,nutcrackers,wooden nut crackers,
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with P
free woodworking plans,pallet bins,paneling,pantographs,pedestals,pendants,pizza paddles,
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with R
radiator covers,ramps for pets,wheelchair ramps,rodeo arenas,roofs,root cellar,rope making machine,r
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with S
free woodworking plans,saunas,shower stalls,sewing centers,shingles,shoes,shutters,signs,snowshoes,s
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with T
free woodworking plans,table legs,tanks,theater,trash cans bins,trivets,turkey call,turtle boxes,
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with U
free woodworking plans,umbrella stands,urns,under stairs storage,how to build,plans,make,constructio
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with V
free woodworking plans,vaccums,valances,veneers,vessels,plans,building,how to make,free woodworking
Misc Woodworking Projects starting with W
free woodworking plans,walls,wainscotting,washstands,waterwheels,weathervanes,wishing wells,wine bot
Music Stands and Instruments
free woodworking plans,music stands,wooden music stand plans,musicstand designs,handmade musicstands
Napkin Holders
free woodworking plans,napkin holders,wood napkinholders,napkin holder plans,napkin holder coasters,
Oars and Paddles
free woodworking plans,wood oars,wooden oars,wood paddles,wooden paddles, wood canoe paddles,boat oa
desk organizers,keys organizers,wall organizers,sewing organizers,
free woodworking plans,pens,wood pens,wooden pen plans,pen blanks,pen supplies,turn a pen,pen making
Peppermills and Salt Shakers
salt and pepper shakers,wooden shakers,wood salt and pepper shakers,pepper mills,
Arbors,Pergola,Cedar,Garden Wood Projects,Construction,Gazebos,Arbors,Outdoor Wooden Structures,WRCL
Picnic Tables
picnic tables, kids picnic tables, wooden picnic table, octagon picnic table, childrens picnic table
Picture Frames
free woodworking plans,photo frames,picture frames,wooden frames,photograph frames,wooden picture fr
Pie Safe Cabinets
pie safes,pie safe plans,pie safe tins,pie safe cabinets,pie safe furniture
Plant Stands
free woodworking plans,plant stands,plantstands,free plantstand plans,plant stand designs,wooden pla
Planter Boxes
planter boxes plans,planter boxes australia,how to build a wooden planter box,window boxes,flower pl
Poker Tables
free poker table plans,poker table designs,wooden poker tables,build poker tables,homemade,
Quilt Racks and Hangers
free woodworking plans,quilt racks,quilting racks,display quilts,quilting,quilt ladders,how to build
Rabbit Barns and Misc Items
rabbit hutches,rabbit reviews,rabbit proof fences,rabbit hutches,how to build a rabbit hutch,rabbit
Racks All Other Types
free woodworking plans,racks,wood racks,wodoen racks,bike racks,boot racks,clothes racks,firewood ra
Rockers, Rocking Horses and Rocking Chairs
free woodworking plans,rocking horses,wooden rocking horse plans,wooden rocking chairs,rocking chair
Roof Trusses and Rafters
roof trusses,how to make rafters,how to build wooden trusses,barns,beams,construction,homes,
Room Dividers and Screens
free woodworking plans,room dividers,room divider plans,room divider screens,photo screens,room divi
Scrollsaw Patterns
free woodworking plans,scrollsaw patterns,free scrollsaw patterns and plans,scrollsaw pattern design
Scrollsaw Patterns - Animals
Scrollsaw Patterns - Christmas
Christmas,Christmas trees,moose,nativity
Scrollsaw Patterns - Halloween
Scrollsaw Patterns - Personalities
celebrities,personalities,famous people,country singers,movie stars
Scrollsaw Patterns - Puzzles
free woodworking plans,games,wooden puzzle plans,wooden puzzles,toy puzzles,puzzle cubes,power puzzl
Scrollsaw Patterns - Puzzles for Preschool Children
scrollsaw puzzles,patterns,easy,preschool children,fun,animals,free woodworking plans
Scrollsaw Patterns - Religion and Church
Scrollsaw Patterns - Signs
welcome sign,free scrollsawing patterns, bunnys, butterflies
Shelf Units - all other
free woodworking plans,shelfs,shelves,shelf plans,shelf designs,floating wall shelfs,ikea shelves,
Shelf Units - Ladder Shelves and Leaning Shelves
ladder shelves,leaning shelves,shelf,shelving units
Skateboard Ramps, Banks, Boxes etc
free plans skateboards ramps and rails,skateboards decks, skateboards for kids,free skateboards ramp
Sleds of all types
free woodworkin gplans,sleds,wooden sleds,klondike sleds,eskimo sleds,sled making,building a sled,sl
adobe,cad cam,cad drawings,calculator,construction estimation
build your own speakers,audio,step by step,diy,sound speakers
Spice Racks
free woodworking plans,spice racks,wooden spice rack plans,kitchen spice racks,wall mounted spice ra
Squirrel Feeders
squirrel feeders plans,squirrel feeder designs,squirrel feeder jars,squirrel feeders uk,how to make
Stairs, Steps and Stairway Systems
free woodworking plans,stairs,steps,stairways,wooden stair plans,stair building designs,stairway ide
Stands - all other types
free woodworking plans,stands,banner stands,flag stands,lemonade stand,tv stand,umbrella stand,build
Step Stools
free step stool plans,step stool chairs,step stools for kids,wooden step stools,folding step stools,
Stools, all other types
free woodworking plans,stools,barstools,garden stools,kids stools,kitchen stools,wooden stools,
Storage Solutions for your Garage
garage storage solutions,tool storage cabinets,storage systems,home,DIY instructions,do it yourself,
Storage Units - all types
free storage units,building storage areas,storage boxes,storage cabinets,garage storage,
Swings - all types
swings,swing set plans,glider swings,porch swings,wooden swings,garden glider swings,porch swing har
Tables, All other types
free table plans,building tables and cahirs,wooden tables,kitchen tables,dining tables,furniture,
Tables, Dining Room and Kitchen
kitchen tables,dining room tables,building furniture,how to,instructions
Tables, Drop Leaf
free woodworking plans,drop leaf tables,gate leg tables,solid wood furniture
Tables, End
free woodworking plans,end tables,solid wood furniture,free projects
Tables, Hallway and Console
hallway tables,console furniture,free woodworking plans,solid wood furniture,free projects
Towel Racks and Holders
free towel rack plans,wooden towel rack projects,towel racks,towel holders,bathroom towel bars,
free toy plans,free wooden toys projects,free kids toys,build wooden toys,child safe toys,made in us
Toys - Planes, Trains, Automobiles
free toy plans,free wooden toys projects,planes,trains,cars,trucks,free kids toys,build wooden toys
Trays - all types
free woden tray plans,build wood trays,breakfast trays,bathroom trays,serving trays,picnic trays,
free Trebuchets plans,free Trebuchets designs,Trebuchet history,trebuchet pumpkin launcher,
free wagon plans,free wagon building projects,wagon wheels,hay wagons,flatbed wagons,horse,
free wainscotting plans,wainscot designs,home renovations,interior panelling,install wainscoting,
Walking Sticks
free walking stick plans,wood walking sticks,free hiking stick plans,hiking sticks,climbing sticks,
Walls Construction Instructions
Free woodworking plans,walls,building,home renovating,renovations,floor plans,construction,how to bu
Weaving Looms
free looms plans,weaving looms,free weaving loom projects,building a loom,waeving loom plans,
free wheelbarrow plans,free wooden wheelbarrow projects,wheelbarrow planters,build a wheelbarrow,
Wind Chimes and Whirligigs
free wind chimes,wind chimes sounds,wind chimes for sale,wind chimes feng shui,how to make wind chim
Window Boxes
free window boxes,window box woodworking plans,window box planters,window box brackets,window box fl
Window Seats
free window seat plans,window seat projects,built-in window seats,windowseat builtins,window seat id
free window building plans,wooden window projects,free plans making windows,repairing wooden,
Wine Racks
free woodworking plans,wine racks,wine rack plans,wooden wine racks,wine rack kits,wine rack table,w
Workshop Bandsaw Jigs and Accessories
free bandsaw jigs plans,free bandsawing patterns,projects,workshop bandsaws,bandsaw tools,
Workshop Clamps
free workshop clamps,free clamping projects,build wooden clamps,woodworking clamps,how to build,
Workshop Drilling Jigs and Accessories
free drillpress jigs,free drilling projects,workshop jigs,woodworking drillpress jigs,drillpress too
Workshop Dust Collection Accessories
free dust collection plans,free dust collecting designs,cyclones,air filtration,woodworking safety,l
Workshop Featherboards
free featerboard plans,free feather board projects,tablesaw jigs,free routertable featherboards,
Workshop Lathe Jigs and Accessories
free lathe jig plans,free lathe tool accessory projects,free workshop jigs,free woodworking jigs,tur
Workshop Lumber Storage Racks
free lumber storage rack plans,free lumber rack projects,lumber storage racks free plans,free projec
Workshop Miscellaneous
free hand tools plans,free woodworking handtools projects,carts,scrapers,gauge blocks,holders,
Workshop Miter Saw Accessories
miter saws,workshop tools,mitersaw tables,workshop
Workshop Pushsticks and Pushblocks
free pushsticks plans,free push stick projects,pushstick designs,tablesaw pushsticks,router pushstic
Workshop Router Tables and Router Accessories
free router table plans,free router table projects,router table jigs free plans,router table designs
Workshop Sanders and Related Items
free sanding table plans,free sanding table projects,sanders free plans,sanding table designs,ideas,
Workshop Sawhorses and Shaving Horses
free sawhorse plans,free sawhorses projects,sawhorse free plans,sawhorse designs,ideas,build,
Workshop Tablesaw Accessories
free Workshop Tablesaw plans,free tablesaw cabinet projects,tablesaw free plans,tablesaw ideas,
Workshop Tapering Jigs
free tapering jigs,tablesaw tapering jigs,tapered igs,bandsaw jigs,build a tapering jig,tapered leg
Workshop Tenon Jigs
free tablesaw tenon jigs, mortise and tenon jigs,tenon jig designs,tenon jigs ideas,how to build a,
Workshop Toolboxes and Cabinets
free toolboxes plans,free toolboxes projects,toolboxes free plans,toolboxes designs,ideas,build,
Workshop Tools Hand Planes
free woodworking plans,handplanes blueprints,handplae tools,shaving tools,free hand planes.
Workshop Woodworking Jigs
free woodworking jigs plans,free workshop jig projects,woodworking jigs,free jig plans,jig patterns,
Workshop Workbenches and Work Tables
free workbench plans, free workbench projects,workbenchs,free worktables designs,work table ideas,
Yard Art Figures
free yard art plans,free yard art designs,yard art christmas,free yard art woodworking patterns,yard

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Download our information booklet for free. See the project completed in full colour before you decide to purchase the plans to build your own Alpine Wood Train Set. This is an information booklet only, the plans are sold separately, see product #04-FS-165.
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free plans woodworking resource from FreeWooworkingPlan.com - free woodworking plans,projects,patterns FreeWoodworkingPlan.com 
FreeWoodworkingPlan.com is the original free woodworking plans and projects links database. Access this site for free 24/7. Updated daily, we are currently working with almost one thousand web sites to list their free woodworking plans for you to consider using for your next woodworking project.
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free plans woodworking resource from TheHandymansDaughter - lego display,wall mounted,diy,free woodworking plans,free projects,do it yourself Lego Minifigure Display Case 
Here is a great project if you have kids who love Lego. Build a minifigure display unit to hang on the wall using the free plans at the link.
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