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Workbenches are one of the most important woodworking projects in your workshop. Second to that are the storage cabinets for tools, and all of those handy dandy jigs that can make the life of a woodworker so much easier.

Scratch Awl Woodworking Plan

Whenever a project calls for accurate layout lines and precisely marked measurements, lots of experienced woodworkers put away the pencil and reach for a scratch awl. Somehow, you just feel more like ...

5 Points | 2 In Stock
Angle Bevel Woodworking Plan

Here is a quality tool that offers accuracy plus the beauty of walnut and brass. It also makes a great gift.

5 Points | 2 In Stock
Depth Gauge Woodworking Plan

You are not likely to misplace this shop heirloom. Use if for measuring dadoes, mortises, and other recesses where precision is critical.

USD 5.95 USD 2.98 (Save 50%)
5 Points | 2 In Stock
Dual Purpose Sanding Center Woodworking Plan Set

Included with this plan are four projects you can combine to make this work center: Basic Cabinet, Flip-Top Assembly, Easy-Mover Mobile Base, and the 3-Drawer Utility Cabinet. Like all of the projects...

10 Points | 2 In Stock
Tough Stuff Workbench Woodworking Plan

Two cabinets and a sturdy top make this design a cinch to build. This no-nonsense workbench incorporates the essentials: simple base cabinets with deep enclosed drawer and shelf storage and a flat...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 2 In Stock
3 Drawer Utility Cabinet Woodworking Plan

Inexpensive materials and basic joinery make for speedy construction of this hardworking shop cabinet. Even the drawers will not slow you down. With their special side/slide hardware, they practically...

USD 10.95 USD 5.48 (Save 50%)
10 Points | 1 In Stock
Super Flexible Workshop Storage Woodworking Plan

Presto chango! With this simple system, adding to or rearranging your workshop wall storage is (almost) as easy as waving your hand. With its interlocking hanging cleats, this Idea Shop 5 system ...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 3 In Stock
Drill Press Seven Pack Woodworking Plan

This seven pack of plans will help you get the most out of your drill press. First is the Ball-Drilling Jig which goes to the very center of a common drilling problem. Next is the Extra-Long Drum Sander...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 2 In Stock
Torpedo Level Woodworking Plan

Although small in size and made from a single piece of wood, this level made me reach deep into my bag of woodworking tricks to come up with precise solutions to make this work as a must have tool...

5 Points | 2 In Stock
Mobile Storage Rack Woodworking Plan

Just like clamps, you never seem to have enough storage. And this easily built project will service your needs in spades. Use it for lumber storage in the shop or as a catchall in the garage or basement...

USD 5.95 USD 2.98 (Save 50%)
5 Points | 1 In Stock
Drill-Press Table Woodworking Plan

Transform your drill press form a supporting actor in to a workshop star with this multifunction accessory. Although indispensable in a woodworking shop, most drill presses come equipped with a table ...

USD 10.95 USD 5.48 (Save 50%)
10 Points | 2 In Stock
Go Anywhere Tool Caddy Woodworking Plan

Keep frequently used tools organized, protected, and within easy reach wherever you go by rolling this compact cart right up to your work area. Its drawers, shelves, top tray, and doors create numerou...

USD 10.95 USD 5.48 (Save 50%)
10 Points | 2 In Stock
Router Table Fence Woodworking Plan

This full-featured fence and a team of accessories make an unbeatable workshop combination. To add flexibility, the fence is designed to attach to a router table in just about every imaginable way. Af...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 2 In Stock
Triple Threat Lumber Storage Woodworking Plan

Build one or all three of these easy-to-make projects to keep your shop organized. Our trio includes an adjustable board rack, a mobile scrap sorter, and an upstanding storage cart.

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 2 In Stock
Fine Line Marking Knife Woodworking Plan

Build this fine-line marking knife. Nothing beats a crisp scribed line for accurate layout. When not in use, a hidden magnet keeps the blade sheathed safely in place. With the flat back of its blade a...

5 Points | 2 In Stock
Biscuit Joiner Jig Woodworking Plan

Mount your biscuit joiner to this handy jig, and step up to a new level of convenience and precision when cutting slots in 3/4 inch material.

8 Points | 2 In Stock
Workbench and 6 Pack of Upgrades Woodworking Plan

Few workshop items hold as much raw potential as your workbench. We will shop you how to build a basic one and then how to tap into its full usefulness. You can build this workshop workhorse in a week...

USD 17.95 USD 8.98 (Save 50%)
17 Points | 1 In Stock
4 In 1 Turned Handle Screwdriver Woodworking Plan

Making a screwdriver with a custom handle is a project so easy and useful that every turner should make one. You can use anything from highly figured stock to common shop scraps. To jazz it up, we lam...

5 Points | 2 In Stock
Router Table and Organizer Woodworking Plan

When your router accessories have scattered around the shop like chips flung from a panel-raising bit, corral them in the drawers and cabinet of this virtually indestructible router table. You will ga...

12 Points | 3 In Stock
Benchtop Router Table II Woodworking Plan

The perfect companion to your shops most versatile tool, this go-anywhere benchtop router table helps make even tough routing jobs easy. To enable you to use your router away from the router table, we...

19 Points | 4 In Stock
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