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Workbenches are one of the most important woodworking projects in your workshop. Second to that are the storage cabinets for tools, and all of those handy dandy jigs that can make the life of a woodworker so much easier.

Four Dust Collector Woodworking Plans

Clear the air in your workshop with these easy-to-make projects. The less dust floating around in your workshop, the better. Not only does your shop stay cleaner, but, more importantly, your lungs...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 3 In Stock
Benchtop Router Table Woodworking Plan

This project is a must in your shop and you can put it together in a weekend for less than $100 plus the cost of your own wood. Its fence adjusts in a flash and locks into T-slotted mini-tracks with t...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 1 In Stock
Portable Mini Lathe Base Woodworking Plan

The two roomy drawers in this easy-to-build benchtop base keep your mini lathes centers and other accessories close at hand. When you are done with your turning session, just grab hold of the convenience...

USD 8.95 USD 4.48 (Save 50%)
8 Points | 2 In Stock
Dovetail Jig Stabilizing Fence Woodworking Plan

Most jigs rely on a small cam to position the board, but do not provide enough support along the length of the board to prevent racking. Without proper alignment, the dovetails vary slightly in length...

5 Points | 4 In Stock
Tablesaw Sanding Table Woodworking Plan

A built-in dust chute links it directly to your shop vacuum or dust collector. We designed this sanding table to fit a 10 inch Jet Contractors Saw. You will probably have to alter the tables size to...

USD 8.95 USD 4.48 (Save 50%)
8 Points | 2 In Stock
Pocket Hole Routing Jig Woodworking Plan

A simple, no non-sense design. Given how specialized the tools are for pocket-hole joinery, some woodworkers have balked at using the technique for projects. Nowadays, the dedicated jigs for drilling ...

5 Points | 4 In Stock
Cutting Platform and Sheet Goods Mover Woodworking Plan

Sheet goods often present a real challenge when it comes to cutting them down into project-sized pieces. Even if you have the room in your shop to maneuver a full sheet of plywood, single-handedly bal...

USD 5.95 USD 2.98 (Save 50%)
5 Points | 1 In Stock
Craftsmans Pride Tool Chest Woodworking Plan

Every woodworker has some treasured tools that deserve the ultimate in protected storage. They may include a marking gauge that belonged to your great-grandfather or a set of carving gouges you purcha...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | Out Of Stock
Marking Gauge Woodworking Plan

This brass-bound creation will be a proud part of your tool collection for years to come.

5 Points | 3 In Stock
One Weekend Workbench Woodworking Plan

What more could a home woodworker want? How about an inexpensive and sturdy workbench you can tackle in just one weekend. It is equipped with an ingenious vise, a tool tray, and lots of other ...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 1 In Stock
Magazine Binder Woodworking Plan

We knew you would want a way to keep the multitude of projects, techniques, and feature articles from WOOD organized and stored in style. With that in mind, we designed a special binder (made of wood,...

8 Points | 9 In Stock
Sanding Block Woodworking Plan

If ever a sanding block was a work of art, this is it. Supple to the touch and easy on the eyes, it will serve you well for many years to come.

USD 5.95 USD 2.98 (Save 50%)
5 Points | 1 In Stock
Fail Safe Router Jig Woodworking Plan

This router jig is a specialist at through or stopped dadoes and grooves. Included is an exploded diagram.

5 Points | 6 In Stock
Woodworkers Tool Chest Woodworking Plan

In days gone by, to become a journeyman woodworker, an apprentice had to pass one final test. He had to use his new skills to craft a tool chest. If his master approved of his work, the apprenticeship...

10 Points | 3 In Stock
Workshop Reference Center Woodworking Plan

Keep reference material close at hand with this two-project setup. Simply swing the table up when you need to make notes. The upper cabinet has a drop-down door. Just pull up a stool and you have...

USD 10.95 USD 5.48 (Save 50%)
10 Points | 2 In Stock
Five Great Clamp Organizers Woodworking Plan

Solve your clamp-storage problems once and for all with one or more of our five custom holders. These clever wall-hung helpers not only keep all your clamps at arms reach, they also look great doing ...

10 Points | 4 In Stock
Flip Top Work Center Woodworking Plan

It is no news that benchtop tools take up benchtop space, even when not in use, and that horizontal surfaces for assembly, finishing, or just tinkering are premium real estate in the shop. This ...

USD 10.95 USD 5.48 (Save 50%)
10 Points | Out Of Stock
Masterful Marking Gauge Woodworking Plan

Instead of fooling around with makeshift measuring and marking methods, count on this accurate, heirloom-quality gauge for layout help. Use it now, and eventually you can pass it on with pride.

5 Points | 2 In Stock
Fine Finish Scraper Woodworking Plan

Our comfortable, good-looking tool is easy to build, and its adjustable blade makes getting into tight corners a snap.

5 Points | 2 In Stock
Super Strip Sander Woodworking Plan

This heirloom-quality walnut and maple strip sander is the perfect tool for detail work, like cleaning cabinet joinery. It lets you sand right up to an edge or corner, and leaves the smoothest surface...

5 Points | 1 In Stock
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