Workbenches & Jigs Workbenches & Jigs Workbenches are one of the most important woodworking projects in your workshop. Second to that are the storage cabinets for tools, and all of those handy dandy jigs that can make the life of a woodworker so much easier.
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Workbenches & Jigs

Workbenches are one of the most important woodworking projects in your workshop. Second to that are the storage cabinets for tools, and all of those handy dandy jigs that can make the life of a woodworker so much easier.

Woodworkers Tool Chest Woodworking Plan

In days gone by, to become a journeyman woodworker, an apprentice had to pass one final test. He had to use his new skills to craft a tool chest. If his master approved of his work, the apprenticeship...

10 Points | 3 In Stock
Workshop Reference Center Woodworking Plan

Keep reference material close at hand with this two-project setup. Simply swing the table up when you need to make notes. The upper cabinet has a drop-down door. Just pull up a stool and you have...

USD 10.95 USD 5.48 (Save 50%)
10 Points | 2 In Stock
Five Great Clamp Organizers Woodworking Plan

Solve your clamp-storage problems once and for all with one or more of our five custom holders. These clever wall-hung helpers not only keep all your clamps at arms reach, they also look great doing ...

10 Points | 4 In Stock
Five Workshop Projects Woodworking Plan

Every time we visit the shop of a well-seasoned woodworker, we come away with fresh ideas for solving common workshop challenges. These ideas typically take the form of special jigs, storage projects,...

From USD 7.95
7 Points | In Stock
Bandsaw Table System Plus 3 Jigs Woodworking Plan

Looking to take your bandsaw to a whole new level of performance and versatility? Here is your chance. After you build the table, contruct the jigs included with the plan, and then see our section...

From USD 5.95
5 Points | In Stock
True Cut Taper Jig Woodworking Plan.

Ripping table legs or other project pieces at an angle can be frustrating and even dangerous work. However, with our taper jig, you will be able to quickly set the precise angle and safely cut leg aft...

From USD 2.95
2 Points | In Stock
Flip Top Work Center Woodworking Plan

It is no news that benchtop tools take up benchtop space, even when not in use, and that horizontal surfaces for assembly, finishing, or just tinkering are premium real estate in the shop. This ...

USD 10.95 USD 5.48 (Save 50%)
10 Points | 1 In Stock
Masterful Marking Gauge Woodworking Plan

Instead of fooling around with makeshift measuring and marking methods, count on this accurate, heirloom-quality gauge for layout help. Use it now, and eventually you can pass it on with pride.

5 Points | 2 In Stock
Fine Finish Scraper Woodworking Plan

Our comfortable, good-looking tool is easy to build, and its adjustable blade makes getting into tight corners a snap.

5 Points | 2 In Stock
Super Strip Sander Woodworking Plan

This heirloom-quality walnut and maple strip sander is the perfect tool for detail work, like cleaning cabinet joinery. It lets you sand right up to an edge or corner, and leaves the smoothest surface...

5 Points | 1 In Stock
Scratch Awl Woodworking Plan

Whenever a project calls for accurate layout lines and precisely marked measurements, lots of experienced woodworkers put away the pencil and reach for a scratch awl. Somehow, you just feel more like ...

5 Points | 2 In Stock
Angle Bevel Woodworking Plan

Here is a quality tool that offers accuracy plus the beauty of walnut and brass. It also makes a great gift.

5 Points | 2 In Stock
Center Finder Woodworking Plan.

For this walnut-and-brass center finder we wanted the tool to look distinctive, feel comfortable, and be small enough to fit in a shop apron. This tool meets our criteria, and it is terrific for location...

From USD 2.95
2 Points | In Stock
Depth Gauge Woodworking Plan

You are not likely to misplace this shop heirloom. Use if for measuring dadoes, mortises, and other recesses where precision is critical.

USD 5.95 USD 2.98 (Save 50%)
5 Points | 2 In Stock
Dual Purpose Sanding Center Woodworking Plan Set

Included with this plan are four projects you can combine to make this work center: Basic Cabinet, Flip-Top Assembly, Easy-Mover Mobile Base, and the 3-Drawer Utility Cabinet. Like all of the projects...

10 Points | 2 In Stock
Tool Carousel Woodworking Plan.

We packed all these tools and bits, 135 pieces total, into an instant-access storage unit that takes up just 2 x 2 feet of wall space. Think of how it will help organize your shop! Spin the entire carousel...

From USD 7.95
7 Points | In Stock
Mobile Tool Cabinet Woodworking Plan.

Put your tools within easy reach by rolling this sturdy cabinet right up to your work area. When you are through, simply close and lock the doors. Then return the cabinet to its storage spot...

From USD 9.95
9 Points | In Stock
Mobile Sawing and Routing Center Woodworking Plan.

Increase the capacity of your tablesaw and router by combining them in one accommodating twin-cabinet design. The advantages include a larger tabletop, ample onboard accessory storage, and dedicated...

From USD 14.95
14 Points | In Stock
Tough Stuff Workbench Woodworking Plan

Two cabinets and a sturdy top make this design a cinch to build. This no-nonsense workbench incorporates the essentials: simple base cabinets with deep enclosed drawer and shelf storage and a flat...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 2 In Stock
3 Drawer Utility Cabinet Woodworking Plan

Inexpensive materials and basic joinery make for speedy construction of this hardworking shop cabinet. Even the drawers will not slow you down. With their special side/slide hardware, they practically...

USD 10.95 USD 5.48 (Save 50%)
10 Points | 1 In Stock
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