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  • If you have CAD files of woodworking plans that you have created and would like to list them here for other woodworkers to have free access to view and download, email Jim Barry.

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Drawing Search Results Creator Description
Trash Bin more plans Jim Fannie Small trash bin suitable for indoor or outdoor. PDF Format
Planter Box more plans Jim Fannie Planter box designed to also display a flag or banner. PDF Format
Nesting Box more plans Doug Heikamp A nexting box for American Robins or Barn Swallows. Great scout or school project. DXF Format
Muskoka Chair more plans George Robson An outdoor chair similar to the classic Adirondack chair. DXF Format
Trellis more plans Tim Turner A trellis for your climbing plants. DXF Format
Lamp Post Tim Turner Beautifully detailed and decorative lamp post for your yard. DXF Format
Squirrel Feeder more plans Clint Set your squirrels down to a cute diner booth for lunch. Great project for using up scrap lumber. Clint is available to do custom drawings if you're interested. DXF Format
Redwood Stool more plans Tom Lewis Small stool designed for use on a deck. DeltaCAD DC format only.
RV Ramp more plans Jon Lash Simple ramp for leveling recreational vehicles. Visit Jon's web site for downloadable dollhouse plans. PDF Format
Wishing Well more plans Clint A wishing well for your backyard or garden. Includes jpg image of well. Clint is available to do custom drawings if you're interested. DXF Format
Garden Bench more plans David King Enjoy your roses from this nicely sized bench. DXF Format
Martin House more plans Leon Schierer A home for your feathered friends. Includes a text file with instructions from Lee. DXF Format
Arbor Gate more plans Mike Kirkpatrick Beautifully detailed drawing of a garden arbor gate. Will dress up any landscape. DXF Format
Small Bench more plans Loren Hutchinson Small garden bench. An accompanying piece to a Garden Seat design in Woodsmith No. 116. DXF Format
Address Plate more plans James Fannie Hanging address plate for house numbers. Includes two ideas for the top and a nameplate for below the house numbers. DXF Format
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