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Drawing Search Results Creator Description
Cute Toothbrush Rack (image) more plans Erkan Ozturk A colorful toothbrush holder that will be fun for kids of all ages. DWG format.
CD Holder (image 1, 2) more plans Erkan Ozturk A double column cd storage rack. DWG format.
CD Holder Rack (image) more plans Erkan Ozturk A tower rack with a contemporaryy design. DWG format.
Small Box more plans David Haynie A small box suitable for jewelry or keepsakes. TurboCAD TCW format.
Table Xmas Tree more plans William Koffke Jig saw pattern for a Christmas tree suitable as a table decoration. Five drawings + a text file. DXF Format
Barbie Bed more plans Bill Conrad Single bed version of the bunk beds Bill designed (see Doll Beds near the bottom of this page). DXF Format
Toy guns more plans Max Jensen Patterns for several toy weapons. Max says they're a big hit with kids in his neighborhood. DXF Format
Trunk more plans Al Rueter Arch top steamer trunk. DXF Format
Bike Rack more plans Leon Schierer Self supporting bike rack. DXF Format
Pirogue more plans Guy Spotts Flat bottom cajun style boat. DXF Format
Boy Scout Emblem Adolph Gwynn A replica of the Boy Scout emblem. Possibly useful to carvers. DXF Format
USPS Emblem Adolph Gwynn A replica of the United States Park Service emblem. Possibly useful to carvers. DXF Format
Wall Clock more plans Patrick Chagnon A simple wall clock with three shelves. Another nice project for beginners. You can see more of Patrick's work at his web site (in French). DXF Format
Greek Mantle more plans Wayne Jager A fireplace mantle in the classical Greek style. Nicely detailed. Maintain the proportions if enlarging or reducing. DXF Format
Hall Tree more plans Al Rueter An antique (circa 1800) hall tree. Very ornate with lots of turnings. Great job by Al Rueter. DXF Format
Mirror Frame more plans Loren Hutchinson Frame for a wall mirror. Designed to compliment the hanging corner cabinet featured in Woodsmith issue #128. DXF Format
Speaker Stand more plans Bill Conrad Speaker stand designed as a hexagonal column. DXF Format
Swing more plans Leon Schierer A 'one-seater' porch swing for sized for a child. DXF Format
Quilt Hanger more plans Jabec Wall mounted quilt hanger. DXF Format
Quilting Frame more plans Tom Lewis Isometric drawing of a frame for stretching and sewing large quilts. DXF format.
Ironing Board Cabinet more plans Bill Conrad A wall mounted cabinet for a tilt-out ironing board. Nicely detailed drawing in DXF format.
Tall Clock more plans Tom Lewis Thirteen drawings and a text file. Drawn in TurboCAD and converted to DXF format.
Child's Bench more plans William Fox A bench for a child's room. Has lift up seat with storage space below. DXF and TCW formats, plus jpg image.
Toy Box more plans Al Rueter A really cute toy box designed to look like a locomotive. DXF format
Couch   more plans Stephanie Yoder A couch frame featuring large mortise & tenon construction. DXF format
Shaker Clock more plans Bob Genovesi Plans and cutting diagram for a Shaker Clock. DXF format
Captain's Desk more plans Al Rueter Small Captain's Desk. Another nice design from Al. DXF format
Ammo Block more plans Keith Rogers A block used in reloading rifle shells. Design calls for aluminum, but hardwood may be substituted. DXF Format
Armoir more plans Al Rueter Two drawings of a classic curved top armoir. DXF Format
Doll Cradle more plans Al Rueter Another nice doll cradle design from Al. Cradle swings on its own stand. DXF Format
Ice Box more plans Bob Genovesi A classic old fashioned ice box design. Build a new 'antique'. DXF Format
Craftsman Rolltop Desk more plans David King A desk to test your skills. DXF Format
Mini Wheel Barrow more plans Thomas Mercks Miniature wheel barrow suitable for small potted plants, etc. Two more nice drawings from Tommy. DXF Format
Tin Patterns more plans Thomas Mercks Eleven beautiful patterns for use in pie safes, etc. where punched tin panels are used. AutoCAD DWG Format
Child's Coat Tree more plans Robert Jones A simple kid size coat tree. Maybe they'll pick up their mess! DXF Format
Keyboard Tray more plans Harvey Smith A design for a computer keyboard tray that can be fitted to a workstation. Includes slanted platform and area for mouse. DXF Format
Country Clock more plans Thomas Mercks Tall country clock that can be made from inexpensive materials. Nice, clean design. DXF Format
Small Box more plans Jack Phillips A small box modeled after larger hope chests. Could be used for jewelry, recipes, bills, etc. DXF Format
Wash Stand more plans Al Rueter An 18th Century styled wash stand. Turned legs and carved decorations will hone your skills. DXF Format
Wheat Pattern more plans Thomas Mercks A sheaf of wheat pattern to use for punched tin/copper panels on pie safes, etc. Print it out scaled to your project. DXF Format
Humidor more plans Wayne Gerhart A small humidor for the smoker who only keeps a few cigars on hand. DXF Format
Study Desk more plans Wayne Gerhart A clean, simple straight forward desk design. Perfect for a teenager's room or in the office. See it at this web site. DXF Format
Doll Cradle more plans Al Rueter A cradle sized for a special dolly. Another nice Christmas present idea for your daughter or niece. DXF Format
Doll Crib more plans Thomas Mercks A great design for a doll crib. Has rocker bottom like a cradle, and also a stand that allows it to swing. A great present for some special little girl. DXF Format
Display Box more plans Loren Hutchinson A display box for a sports jersey. 2-1/2 inches deep with removable glass front. Designed to hang on a wall. DXF Format
Coat Rack more plans John Brock Free standing coat rack for foyer or hall. DXF Format
Umbrella Stand more plans John Brock Nicely designed umbrella stand. Companion piece to Coat Rack above. DXF Format
Magazine Rack more plans Loren Hutchinson Magazine rack design utilizing nylon rope and half lap joints. Good beginner's project. DXF Format
Shoeshine Box  more plans Loren Hutchinson A very simple plan for a child's shoeshine box. Might make a good cub scout project. DXF Format
Pulpit  more plans Loren Hutchinson Pulpit designed for a church in Kansas City. DXF Format
Doll Bed Isometric  more plans Bill Conrad Isometric drawing of bunk beds designed for dolls. See plan view below. DXF Format
Doll Beds  more plans Bill Conrad Plan view of the bunk beds designed for dolls. See the isometric drawing above. DXF Format.
Speaker Stands  more plans Bill Conrad Isometric and plan view drawings of a stand for stereo speakers. DXF Format
Radio Stand/CD Rack  more plans Bill Conrad Small stand for radio or CD player. Has CD rack built into pedestal stand. DXF Format
Room Divider  more plans Virgil Johnson Drawing of a four-panel room divider. Original was made out of cherry with etched glass inserts. Contact Virgil Johnson for info on etching glass. DXF Format
Jewelry Box  more plans Loren Hutchinson Jewelry box with three drawers and two doors. Will test your joinery skills. DXF Format
Bird House Lamp  more plans James Fannie Cute lamp in the form of a two-story birdhouse. Nice weekend project. DXF Format

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