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Drawing Search Results Creator Description
Saw Fence more plans Dan Record Six drawings in TurboCAD format for a reproduction of the popular Biesemeyer Fence System.
Shelf Pin Jig2 more plans William Koffke An update and improvement to the Shelf Pin jig below. DXF Format
Clamps more plans Mike Randall Hold-down clamps for use on drill press table, etc. Three drawings in DXF Format
Drum Sander more plans Mike Randall Handy jig for using a drum sander at the drill press. DXF Format
Router Bases more plans Mike Randall Four router bases in DeltaCAD format. Self-centering, Clear, Offset and Edge Guide. Download DeltaCAD here.
Workbench more plans Jos van Diepen Two drawings of a shop workbench. Metric dimensions. DXF Format 
Corner Jig more plans Mike Randall Three drawings of jigs for holding corners square during glue ups. DeltaCAD format.  Download DeltaCAD here.
Honing Guide more plans Todd Forgan A jig for holding plane irons while sharpening. Designed to work with 3M paper on 1/4" glass plate. (Scary Sharp)  DXF Format
Bow Saw more plans Tom Lewis A miniature bow saw designed to work with a coping saw blade. Two drawings and a text file. DXF format.
Clamp Rack more plans Mike Randall A wall-mounted clamp rack. DeltaCAD format. Download DeltaCAD here.
Clamp Rack more plans Mike Randall A jig for holding pipe clamps during panel glue ups. DeltaCAD format. Download DeltaCAD here.
Folding TS Outfeed Extension   more plans Bruce Page Clever folding extension table for a Unisaw. Can be modified to work with other cabinet saws. Six drawings in AutoCAD .dwg format, plus one text file with construction notes.
Workbench more plans James Gimmell Two drawings of a workbench utilizing construction-grade dimensional lumber. DXF format
Mini Lathe more plans Al Rueter Plans for a mini lathe utilizing a Dremel tool. DXF format
Mini Shaper more plans Al Rueter Plans for a mini shaper table utilizing a Dremel tool. DXF format
Panel Saw more plans Mike Randall A set of 16 drawings and document showing the construction details of making a panel saw for sheet goods. DeltaCAD format only. Download DeltaCAD here.
Mortise Jig more plans Al Rueter An adjustable  jig for use with a router for making mortises. DXF Format.
Workbench more plans Roger Fischer 5 Detailed drawings for a shop workbench. Includes jpg photo of bench. DXF Format
French Curves more plans Al Rueter Three french curves. 4.5", 9", & 18". Paste onto hardboard or plastic. Trim and sand smooth. DXF Format
Straightening jig more plans Ron Cribb
A jig used on the table saw to straighten the edge of rough lumber. BMP format.
Lumber Storage Rack   more plans James Hudson A rack for storing lumber in the shop. Nice 3d rendering. PDF format.
Shop Cabinets more plans Frank Munoz Base cabinets for the shop or garage. DXF Format
Router Guide more plans Marty Witt A simple guide for routing decorative grooves in boards. DXF Format
Chip Chute more plans Al Rueter A chip chute for the Dewalt 12-1/2" planer. DXF Format
Sandpaper Holder more plans Loren Hutchinson A jig for holding strips of sandpaper. For use with the ScarySharp system of tool sharpening. DXF Format
Shelf Pin Jig more plans Loren Hutchinson A jig for drilling equally spaced holes for adjustable shelves. Similar to one seen on New Yankee Workshop. Requires plunge router w/guide bushing. DXF Format
Butterfly Templates more plans Al Rueter Two template drawings of butterfly patches (Dutchmen) for fixing flaws in wood surfaces. Seven templates in all. For use with router and insert collar. DXF Format
Storage Bench more plans Robert Jones Large storage piece with workbench features. DXF Format
Unisaw Insert more plans Bruce Page Aluminum throat plate for the Delta Unisaw. Has machined dovetailed opening for zero clearance wooden inserts. 1" opening accomodates Freud Super Dado. Print out drawing and take to a machinist. DXF Format
Tapering Jig more plans Loren Hutchinson A simple hinged tapering jig for use with a table saw. DXF Format
Router Table more plans Wayne Gerhart One of the most popular additions to a wood shop. Build this one in a weekend. See it at this web site. DXF Format
Protractor  more plans Loren Hutchinson A very large protractor drawing for accurately laying out common angles (45, 36, 30, 22.5, &11.25). DXF Format
Shop Elevations  more plans Bill Conrad Front and side elevation drawings of a free-standing shop building. Two drawings in DXF Format.
Shop Floor Plan  more plans Bill Conrad Extremely detailed drawing of shop floor plan and interior construction details. DXF Format.
TS Cantruss  more plans Bruce Buchy Set of nine (9) detailed .jpg drawings along with a rich text (.rtf) document about the construction of a fence system for a Delta TS. Large file (343Kb) JPG only.
Sliding Crosscut Board  more plans Loren Hutchinson Top view drawing of a sliding crosscut "shooting" board for TS. Has adjustable arm for miters. DXF Format
Router Circle Jig  more plans Loren Hutchinson Circle cutting jig for router. Handles circles from 7" to 36". DXF Format
Inlay Bushing Chart  more plans John Kiehart A chart with inside and outside dimensions for various router bits and the Eagle RM9 Bushing Kit. Helpful for inlay work. Two files in Word and Word Perfect format.
Stacking Sawhorses  more plans Loren Hutchinson Simple plans for stackable sawhorses. Twenty-four inches tall, but easily resized. DXF Format
T-Bar gluing/finishing jig  more plans John Kiehart A simple but highly useful jig for help in clamping panels, applying finish, and cutting sheet goods. You'll want to make several! DXF Format.
Knockdown Assembly Table  more plans John Kiehart A design for an assembly table that can be easily put together for use and disassembled for storage. Can be made with $20 worth of MDF. DXF Format.
Folding Outfeed Table  more plans Chris DeLucchi Very clever design for folding outfeed table for TS. Dimensioned in millimeters. DXF Format.
Miter Saw Cabinet  more plans Richard McColl A Miter Saw Cabinet with folding wings. Folds down to 36" width. Lots of storage space in front drawers. DXF Format.
Miter Board  more plans Loren Hutchinson Isometric drawing of a shooting board used to cut 45 degree angles for frames. For use with a table saw. DXF Format
Knockdown Sawhorse  more plans John Kiehart Design for modular sawhorse units. Can be assembled or taken down quickly. Two drawings by Loren Hutchinson. DXF Format
Shelf Staining Jig  more plans Loren Hutchinson A simple jig for holding shelves for finishing. It allows you to work on both sides at once. DXF Format
Splined Miter Jig  more plans John Kiehart A clever jig used to guide a router while cutting cross dovetail splines in a miter joint. Zip file includes .jpg photo of jig in use. DXF Format

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