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Drawing More Plans Creator Description
Entertainment Unit DWG DXF more plans Geoff Collins The frame Jarrah with the top, shelves and side panels made from VJ pine sheets. The drawers were manufactured from pine stock 20mm thick. Dimensioned in millimeters. DXF and DWG Format
Country Cupboard more plans Jim Fannie Country cupboard in PDF Format.
Alcove Units & Fireplace Surround more plans Alan Clark Shelves and cabinets for use on either side of a firplace. Includes a surround for the fireplace. DXF Format
Small Cabinet more plans Dale Brady A small cabinet for storage. DXF Format
Curio Cabinet more plans Andre  Pitre Five drawings in DeltaCAD format + small jpg and .wks cut list. Download DeltaCAD here.
Sewing Cabinet more plans Al Rueter Copy of a Martha Washington sewing cabinet. DXF Format
Spice Rack more plans John Fraser A simple spice rack plan. Suitable for scout or class projects. DXF Format
Mini Pie Safe more plans Paul Welch A miniature pie safe for displaying those special small items. A JPG of the finished safe is included. DXF format
Dry Sink more plans Scott Kargas A dry sink design using rail & stile/flat panel construction. DXF format
CD Cabinet more plans Chris Michel  A small storage cabinet for CDs. DWG format
Shop Cabinet more plans Frank Munoz Base cabinets for the shop or garage. DXF Format
Computer Desk more plans Dean Miller A simple computer desk with hutch. DXF Format
Shot Glass Cabinet more plans Graham Walker A small wall cabinet for shot glasses and a small decanter of spirits. Dimensioned in centimeters. DXF Format
Bedside Cabinet more plans Michael Vogt A nice cabinet for bedside or other location. Includes exploded isometric and cut list. Dimensioned in centimeters. DXF Format
Low Cupboard more plans Michael Vogt Professionally drawn low cupboard. Dimensioned in centimeters. DXF Format
TV Corner Shelf more plans Thomas Mercks A corner shelf designed to hold a small television. Country decor. DXF Format
Mission Cabinet more plans Robert Jones Concept drawing of mission style cabinet. DXF Format
Country Shelf more plans Thomas Mercks Patterns for simple country style shelves. An easy afternoon project suitable for any country decor. DXF Format
Pie Safe more plans Thomas Mercks Beautiful old fashioned cabinet with punched tin panels. Five detailed drawings, MS-Word Construction Document and photo. DXF Format
Sled Shelf more plans Thomas Mercks A wall shelf patterned after an old fashioned sled. A clever and unique gift. DXF Format
Wine Cabinet more plans Wayne Gerhart A beautiful addition to any home. Will test your skills. DXF Format
Cola Rack more plans Thomas Mercks A rack for storing two-liter bottles of cola. Will test your jig saw skills. DXF Format
Bath Shelf more plans Thomas Mercks A simple afternoon Bath or Kitchen shelf project. Great for beginners. DXF Format
Slant Top Desk more plans John McGaw Beautiful slant top desk designed by John McGaw.  Drawing by Loren Hutchinson. DXF Format
Stereo Cabinet more plans Harvey Smith Small cabinet designed to hold stereo components. DXF Format
Computer Cabinet more plans Tom Riley Student Armoire -- A low-stress computer desk that is simple to build. Detailed construction notes and links to other plans are at Tom's web page. DXF Format
Corner Cabinet more plans Richard McColl Corner display cabinet. Nice use of inlayed trim. DXF Format
Kitchen Hutch  more plans Harvey Smith Very large Kitchen Hutch with door details. A striking design for skilled woodworkers. DXF Format
Bedside Cabinet  more plans Loren Hutchinson Bedside cabinet fashioned after a kitchen chest design by Harvey Smith.. DXF Format
Display Case  more plans Loren Hutchinson A glass display cabinet originally designed for displayingdolls, but could be used for anything. DXF Format
Chest/Cabinet Feet  Loren Hutchinson 10 foot details for cedar chests, cabinets, etc. May be added to your symbols (blocks) library. DXF Format.
Southwest Shelf  more plans Loren Hutchinson Small wall shelf done in the Southwestern style. DXF Format
Ball Glove Wall Shelf  more plans Bill Conrad Real cute wall shelf for a child's room. Shaped like a baseball glove and holds bat, ball, and hat. DXF Format.

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