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Last Updated on 1/1/2004

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If you don't have CAD software, download one of the free CAD programs linked below to open and print the files on this site.

HELP WITH ZIP FILES Use this link if you are having trouble opening the drawings on this site.

The files at this site are CAD files of woodworking projects, jigs, and other items related to woodworking. Most have been formated in the Drawing Exchange Format (DXF). A few are in the original format of the software that created them.

All files on this page are freeware, but all copyrights are held by the creator of the file. If you wish to inquire about publishing or reusing any of these files for a commercial purpose, contact the person who drew the file (names w/e-mail links are beside each file name). Note: Commercial purposes include, but are not limited to including any of the files on a commercial site or a site with any commercial purpose whether to enhance the appearance or any other feature of the site, selling, licensing or otherwise authorizing anyone else to use the files with any compensation to you, or making use of the files in any commercial enterprise.

You will need file compression software like PKZIP or WINZIP  to open these files.

Now there is a FREE ZIP Software available. Click here for your free copy of JustZIPit.

Don't have CAD software??

Check out our software section on this site, Index of Links / Software and check out the links. There are several programs and links to manufacturer's sites.

Click here to go to a site where you can download CADview/7, a stand alone DXF and DWG file viewer. It will allow you to open and print the files on this site, but it is not a full CAD drawing program.

Click here to download a FREE DEMO copy of Delta CAD! If you decide to keep it, it only costs $40 to register it.

FOR MAC USERS: DesignWorkshop, PowerCADD X

New Drawings Needed!

New drawings are critical to a site like this. If you wish to have your drawings added to this site, click here to write to me and attach your drawing(s) to the e-mail. If you have several files to send, it would be a good idea to compress them with PKZIP before sending. Other woodworkers would enjoy seeing your work.

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