Free Woodworking Plans - BBQ Pits, Carts and Centers

  •  BBQ Grill Toy
    Build this awesome toy bbq grill for the children to practise on. Free plans at the link.
  •  BBQ Grill Cart PDF
    Build this BBQ grill cart using the free downloadable woodworking plans at the link.
  •  BBQ Shelter PDF
    Build a cedar shelter for your barbeque area using these free downloadable plans.
  •  BBQ Shelter
    Build your own BBQ shelter for the backyard using these free step-by-step instructions.
  •  Picnic Table, Kids BBQ
    This is the metric version. Also available at this link are plans in the standard Imperial (feet and inches) version.
  •  BBQ, Insect Proof (PDF)
    Plans for a 5 ft 2 inch x 15 ft 4 inch barbecue grill enclosed in a covered, screened 13 ft 2 inch x 25 ft structure.
  •  BBQ Grills Camp Stoves (PDF)
    Plans to build stone, brick and concrete barbecue grills.
  •  BBQ, Brick (PDF)
    Plans to build a brick backyard barbecue pit.
  •  BBQ Grill, Moveable (PDF)
    Plans to build a concrete block grill that is easy to dismantle and move.
  •  BBQue Pit, Sheltered (PDF)
    Design plans for a 13ft 2inch x 19 ft shelter to house a permanent barbeque pit.
  • More Free Woodworking Projects - BBQ Pits, Carts and Centers

  •  BBQ Pit, Sheltered (PDF)
    13 x 19 x 19 ft, Pole frame, Gable roof, concrete floor. This free construction plans and projects information is courtesy of the North Dakota State Univ. web site. Follow the instructions on that page to quickly find the plan number. This plan number is 6020
  •  Outdoor Camp BBQ Grills 4 types (PDF)
    While not woodworking related, if your an outdoors person or have a woods camp, these are great ideas for outdoor grills. Masonery and concrete or rock style construction. PDF number 6261.
  •  Picnic Table, BBQ
    Plans for a bbq picnic table that will comfortably seat four people. Includes material list and material costs.
  •  BBQ Outdoor Kitchen
    When outdoor cooking and entertaining are two favorite pastimes, there is nothing like an outdoor kitchen to bring it all together. Ron visits the Los Altos home of Tom Urban and Rebecca Sweet to help them bring a little gourmet to their backyard.
  •  BBQ Cart
    Roll this cart onto your porch to help with the barbecue, or use it in the kitchen as a gourmet table.
  •  BBQ Pit (PDF)
    Screened and Sheltered, 13 x 25 x 9 ft, Pole Frame, Gable Roof, Concrete Floor. PDF number 6022.
  •  Picnic Table, Hexagonal BBQ
    Plans on how to make a hexagonal bbq table along with materials list, cost etc.
  •  BBQ Brick Pit, with Wood Storage Rack
    Not woodworking but worth listing. An extra bit of space in your back yard plus a little time to kill are all you need to install a permanent picnic right at home. Outdoor cookery gives an extra zest to food. The sturdy fireplace shown here will handle roasts, grills, or almost anything else needed to make a man-sized meal. This free woodworking plans and woodworkers projects information is courtesy of Garry is BBQ Pit web site.
  •  Grilling Center, BBQ
    A cutting diagram only, no instructions or image of completed project are given.
  •  BBQ Brick Pit, Cinder Block Fire Place
    Not a woodworking project but worth mentioning.
    Your completed fireplace can be painted to harmonize or contrast with its surroundings. Build the unit to a height that is easy to work on, and finish the installation with a terraced work-space. This free garden plans and woodworkers projects information is courtesy of Garry is BBQ Pit web site.
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