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Welcome to WoodworkersWorkshop®

WoodworkersWorkshop® is an online database that categorizes links alphabetically to resources found at other woodworking web sites. Founded in 1998, we hand pick the resources (the URL links) and add new ones everyday. So if you are frustrated with trying to find information via search engines, give WoodworkersWorkshop.com a try.

There is no cost to use the database. Registering is not required. You should be able to browse the database and click through the links. Having said that, considering the fact there are so many browsers out there being used, this site's software might not allow some visitors to browse, it all depends on the Internet traffic, and your browser's compatibility.

The online database is primarily four main sections, the Index of Links, the Free Woodworking Plans, the International Distribution Center for woodworking plans online store and the Buy It Then Build It section. The top of the database starts here.

We offer the ability for visitors to report bad/dead links found in the online database. We encourage you to report them and thank you for the submissions. We check all reports. If you do not get a reply from me, that means the link checks out as ok, so try again. If you clicked on the link and it did not work, try refreshing your browser to reload the page you are trying to visit. If the plan you visited is a fee-type plan and you thought it was a free-type plan, first check the Link Type as it is listed on my site. If it is not correctly listed please let me know. We work every day to ensure the links are accurate and up to date.

Please be advised that we do not provide customer support for the free woodworking plans found at other web sites. The free plans are owned by other web sites, we only list where to find them. Since we do not get paid anything from those other web sites, we do not have the means to provide the additional support. We recommend you visit the web site that has the free plan and ask someone there for assistance. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Above all else...woodwork safely.

Jim Barry
site owner

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