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Workbenches are one of the most important woodworking projects in your workshop. Second to that are the storage cabinets for tools, and all of those handy dandy jigs that can make the life of a woodworker so much easier.

Tool Board Organizers Woodworking Plan

We designed this perforated hardboard tool storage system to help you stay organized in your workshop. The system consists of a framed hanging tool board sized to suit your needs and eight specialized...

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Dream Shop Planner Woodworking Plan

Behind every great workshop lies a great plan, no matter whether you have a dedicated room or a corner of the basement to garage to work in. This planner allows you to organize your shop to create a w...

USD 5.99 USD 3.00 (Save 50%)
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Router Bit Storage Cabinet Woodworking Plan

Using inexpensive MDF, hardboard and pine material, you can create a cabinet that offers great storage for router bits, bushings, wrenches, safety gear and anything else you use with your router. The ...

USD 9.99 USD 5.00 (Save 50%)
9 Points | 3 In Stock
Mortise and Tenon Joints Woodworking Plan

The jig plan guarantees your success! If you have shied away from mortise-and-tenon joinery because it sounds too complicated, take heart. With our tenoning jig and a little practice, you can turn out...

12 Points | 3 In Stock
Space Saving Workbench Woodworking Plan

This plan is also available as a downloadable PDF. Handy roll-around tool storage convenience. If you are looking for a quick way to add another work surface and more tool storage to your shop, look...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 2 In Stock
Tilt Top Router Table Woodworking Plan

An open-and-close shop tool designed with you in mind. Count the features of this fully loaded router table, and you will quickly conclude that you have to have one. For starters, the table flips up f...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 3 In Stock
Workhorse Workbench Woodworking Plan

This plan is also available as a downloadable PDF. A sturdy, dependable workbench belongs at the center of every hardworking home workshop. This heavy-duty, versatile model features a pair ...

USD 17.95 USD 8.98 (Save 50%)
17 Points | 3 In Stock
Cyclone Dust Collector Construction Plan

In designing and outfitting WOOD Magazines Idea Shop 3 basement shop with a cyclone dust collector, we had several objectives in mind. We wanted a space-efficient unit with minimal noise, dust-free...

USD 17.95 USD 8.98 (Save 50%)
17 Points | 2 In Stock
Portable Planer Thicknessing Center Woodworking Plan

When a project requires thin stock, our portable planer saves us the time and trouble of having to special-order material. But, having to lift it onto my workbench every time we need it can be backbreaking...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
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Sanding Supply Center Woodworking Plan

Left in the open, sandpaper will cup due to humidity. To keep this perennial problem in check and keep our sandpaper organized and away from dust, we came up with this multi-purpose cabinet. We have m...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 2 In Stock
Accommodating Workshop Cabinets Woodworking Plan

Perforated hardboard and hooks help you get organized once and for all. If your shop could stand a little bit more order, try building the double-door cabinet shown and the single-door unit ...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | In Stock
Mobile Tablesaw Base Woodworking Plan

Downloadable plan available. It is sad but true that the space beneath most tablesaws goes to waste. But that need not be the case, as you can see here. Our cabinet stores a plentiful supply of sawblades, router bits, and other w...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 3 In Stock
Tablesaw Outfeed Table Woodworking Plan

Our handy folding fixture adds only inches to your saw when stored, but provides you with more than 3 feet of stock support beyond the blade for safer and more convenient cutting. This fixture attache...

USD 10.95 USD 5.48 (Save 50%)
10 Points | 1 In Stock
Table Saw Dust Collector Construction Plan

This table saw dust-collector hood is effective as well as convenient. The big window lets you see your cut at all times, and neither the hood nor its support will impede your sawing. Included is a bo...

USD 10.95 USD 5.48 (Save 50%)
10 Points | 2 In Stock
Tablesaw Accessories Cabinet Woodworking Plan

Savvy storage within easy reach. Extension tables for tablesaws make woodworking easier, but they sure eat up a lot of precious floor space. This handsome roll-away cabinet helps you put that valuable...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 1 In Stock
Modular Shop Cabinet System Woodworking Plan

The smaller your shop, the smarter you have to be when laying it out to meet your needs. That is why we decided to go with a cabinet package that can be anything you want it to be. Read the boxed mate...

USD 10.95 USD 5.48 (Save 50%)
10 Points | 2 In Stock
Sanding Supply Center Organizer Woodworking Plan

Looking for that single location where you can store all of your sanding supplies? This WOOD magazine original, featuring a half-dozen easy-to-build projects, may be just the tick. It includes holders...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 1 In Stock
Shop Compass Woodworking Plan

Here is a great use for those prized wood scraps you stashed away for just the right project. Our compass incorporates an ingenious clamping system that holds a standard pencil (hexagonal or round)...

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Universal Wall Cabinet System Woodworking Plan

We put our background to work and designed a wall-cabinet system that works great for organizing hand tools, safety equipment, power-tool accessories, and much more. The cabinets go together quickly, ...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
12 Points | 5 In Stock
Mitersaw Stand Woodworking Plan

We built this sturdy mitersaw stand 24 inches deep to accommodate a 12 inch compound mitersaw. If you have a 10 inch saw, you can make the stand as shallow as 18 inches. Be sure to measure your saw...

USD 12.95 USD 6.48 (Save 50%)
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