Angle Bevel Woodworking Plan Angle Bevel Woodworking Plan WOOD®Store Here is a quality tool that offers accuracy plus the beauty of walnut and brass. It also makes a great gift. 31_MD_00246 31-MD-00246 View Offer WoodworkersWorkshop
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Angle Bevel Woodworking Plan

31-MD-00246 - Angle Bevel Woodworking Plan
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Here is a quality tool that offers accuracy plus the beauty of walnut and brass. It also makes a great gift.

Finished Dimensions
Width: 8 inches (20 cm)

Wood and Supplies needed:
We used walnut but you can use a wood of your choice.

Tools needed:
Tablesaw, planer, table mounted router, clamps, bandsaw, drum sander, and common hand tools.

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Tracing Paper Options

05-TRACEPAPER-1 - Tracing Paper 19x51inch, 1 sheet
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05-TRACEPAPER-5 - Tracing Paper 19x51inch, 5 sheets
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Here is a quality tool that offers accuracy plus the beauty of walnut and brass. It also makes a great gift.

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