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Miscellaneous Woodworking Plans for Projects

Kaleidoscope Woodworking Plan.

Kaleidoscope woodworking Plans - Table top model, great optics. A kaleidoscope styling inspired by furnishings of the Romantic Era in the late 1800s. The optics are easy to build. We recommend first ...

USD 17.95
17 Points | In Stock
Attache Case Woodworking Plan.

Attache Wooden Briefcase woodworking plans - Nearly all wood, nice features. This handsome all-wood business case turns heads wherever you go. The unique wood handle accommodates an inventive latching...

USD 17.95
17 Points | In Stock
World Map Woodworking Plan.

World Map woodworking plans - Assorted veneers for colorful wall map. The maps continents are in assorted colors of veneer mounted on a latitude and longitude gridwork. It creates a striking wall ...

USD 17.95
17 Points | In Stock
Pedestal Kaleidoscope Woodworking Plan.

Pedestal Kaleidoscope woodworking plans - Floor model, versatile controls. 12 inch long scope. Our second wood kaleidoscope is fit for a Victorian parlor. Elegant Old World styling with objects in dazzling...

USD 17.95
17 Points | In Stock
New England Lighthouse Woodworking Plan

New England Lighthouse Birdhouse woodworking plans - Can be built without birdhouse features. The New England Lighthouse birdhouse is one in a series of four distinctive houses representing ...

USD 17.95
17 Points | In Stock
A-Mazing Squirrel House

Watching squirrels work their way through this maze is very entertaining. We never thought they would dare go through it all. After trying numerous designs, this is the one we found to work the best. At first the comical squirrels are only willing to put their heads in and grab a nut.

USD 18.99
18 Points | In Stock
Pet Steps.

These steps are designed to help small dogs, old dogs, overweight dogs or dogs with arthritis or back problems to more easily climb up to the bed or couch. Individual steps are spaced with a 5-1/2 inch”rise. All pattern parts are drawn to scale scale size.

USD 14.99
14 Points | In Stock
Adjustable Wall Quilt Rack Woodworking Plan.

This three-piece rack can hold quilts of different sizes. Simply spread the ends of larger blankets to the required width and fasten them to the wall. Between the ends, centre the central piece. Each end piece has a hook that can be filled with a wood rod.

USD 11.99
11 Points | In Stock
Fold-Up Pet Steps Woodworking Plan.

Help your older pet climb up to a chair or bed. Each step has a 6 inch rise and folds up for easy storage. Patterns drawn FULL SIZE. Measures 18 inches high.

USD 12.99
12 Points | In Stock
Grampa Gumball Woodworking Plan.

Fill Grampa's hat with small gumballs, then turn the chamber dowel in the brim of his hat, and a gumball will fall through his face! For more gum ball dropping fun, turn the knobs on his back to turn his eyes, nose, and whiskers.

USD 12.99
12 Points | In Stock
Cat Litter Box Cabinet Woodworking Plan

Hide your cat's strewn-about litter box. This lovely cabinet would look great in any room in the house. Ideal for compact homes and flats with little space for a litter box. Large twin front doors open wide for simple cleaning and litter replenishing.

USD 16.99
16 Points | In Stock
Tennis Ball Trebuchet Woodworking Plan

This is a real working scale model of a medieval trebuchet (pronounced treb yoo SHET). It was a machine designed to hurl objects into or over castle walls. These machines were so successful at knockin...

USD 29.95
29 Points | In Stock
Ant Farmstead Woodworking Plan.

Watch and learn about the fascinating world of ants. Educational and fun for all ages.

USD 12.99
12 Points | In Stock
The Mother-In-Law Photo Frame Woodworking Plan.

Display your beloved mother-in-law photo when she comes to visit!

USD 9.99
9 Points | In Stock
Puzzle Tray Woodworking Plan.

Assemble your jig saw puzzles on the large 24 x 36 inch work surface. Allows you to work at the convenience of your kitchen table, then just move the tray when you are not working on the puzzle. Two s...

USD 15.99
14 Points | In Stock
Reminder Duckie Woodworking Plan.

Help your kids remember everyday tasks and events with our friendly Reminder Duckie.

USD 12.99
12 Points | In Stock
Bunny Flower Pot Woodworking Plan.

This adorable animal can be a flower pot planter or replace the flower pot with a pet food bowl to convert to a pet dish holder!

USD 14.99
14 Points | In Stock
Revolving DVD/Game Rack Woodworking Plan.

Keep all your DVDs, CDs and video games handy and easy to locate by storing them in this convenient holder. You can make just one level to hold 32 cases or add a second level to store a total of 64 ca...

USD 15.99
14 Points | In Stock
Civil War Cannon Woodworking Plan.

Build your own authentic looking cannon!

USD 31.95
29 Points | In Stock
Smoke Out House Woodworking Plan

We have designed an amusing twist on an ash can for outdoor smoke areas to place your used butts.

USD 15.99
14 Points | In Stock
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