Free Woodworking Plans - Hummingbirds

  •  Hummingbird Feeder
    With just a little cedar and some readily available supplies, you can easily build these hummingbird feeders.
  •  Hummingbird, Ruby-throated
    This line art drawing can be used as a scrollsaw pattern with some editing, or it can be used as a pyrographic pattern.
  •  Hummingbird Pattern PDF
    This free downloadable scroll saw pattern is for a hummingbird. Scroll down the page at the link to view the pattern.
  •  Pattern - Hummingbird
    May be suitable for carving, woodburning (pyrography), intarsia or scrollsaw ideas.
  • Hummingbirds Woodworking Plans for sale

  •  Hummingbird Scrollsaw Downloadable Scrollsaw Woodcrafting Pattern PDF
    This wildlife design of a hummingbird gathering nectar is very delicate and must be cut and handled very carefully. A spiral blade will minimize turning the project and small detail lines are much easier to cut. Cut small details last to minimize vibration.
  •  Hummingbird Downloadable Scrollsaw Woodworking Plans PDF
    Here we have our easy to make Hummingbird Ornament, fun decorations for the garden or near the pond or water feature in your garden. Easy to cut and paint using the smallest of scrap wood pieces. Simply size it to how you like and print it to your computer. Beginner skill level.
  •  Hummingbird Silhouette Tabletop Nightlight Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    This downloadable pattern of a hummingbird silhouette tabletop nightlight includes instructions to build the night light, as well as create the semi-transparent backboard using Envirotex Lite resin and acrylic paint colors. Build this project easily using only a scroll and router. This is a good pattern for the beginner to intermediate scroll sawyer and would make a wonderful addition to your home, cabin, or patio.
  •  Hummingbird Nightlight Lamp Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    This detailed pattern gives full instructions on how you can create this beautiful Nightlight Lamp! There are two designs used for the sides of the lamps and you can use a paper shade, as we have done here, or your own shade to match your decor. The details on the paper shade are shown cut out of thin veneer wood, but you can also stencil, paint or cut fabric accents to suit your own taste. This is an intermediate scroll saw project.
  •  Hummingbird No2 Forest Leaf Plaque Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    This is an original pattern where the feeding hummingbird is surrounded by a scroll sawn birch leaf frame. Complete instructions for making the beautiful fretwork plaque are included with the pattern. Baltic birch plywood was used for the backboard and can be painted or stained depending on the amount of contrast you wish to have in your finished project.
  •  Little Leaves Hummingbirds Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    This fretwork pattern package includes three hummingbird patterns in two different sizes as well as the corresponding connecting leaf. Small leaves are 6 - 7 inches in diameter and the larger ones are approximately 8 inches in diameter. An original pattern with complete instructions for making these beautiful fretwork leaf plaques. An ideal scrollsaw pattern to make use of left over scrap wood. You can use various backgrounds, such as painted, fabric covered or even plexiglas to make attractive Sun Catchers. They also make great Christmas ornaments.
  •  Hummingbird Forest Leaf Plaque Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    Hummingbirds are so fun to watch. This wonderful scroll saw pattern features a hummingbird floating among the flowers surrounded by a leaf-shaped scroll sawn frame. An original pattern with complete instructions for making the beautiful fretwork plaque.
  •  Scarlet Tanger and Hummingbird Scrollsaw Woodworking Plan PDF
    This plan provides all of the instructions to make the Scarlet Tanger and Hummingbird whirlybird whirligigs PLUS your own whirligig blades, featuring two styles of blades. AND included is a BONUS pattern of a Red Cardinal. Make use of your scrap wood pieces with this yard art project. Simply print, trace, cut and paint. Beginner skill level.
  •  Hummingbirds Self Framing Plaques Downloadable Scrollsaw Patterns PDF
    This pattern includes instructions for all six self-framing hummingbird plaques. Just tilt your scroll saw a couple of degrees so that you can cut the entire design from the same piece of wood. There are two each of Oval, Circle and Rounded Square with one image being a positive and another a negative of the same design. You will have several to mix and match these designs to create beautiful sets. Pretty, yet simple and fun to do!
  •  Hummingbird Filigree Ornaments Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    Everyone loves to watch hummingbirds, and now you can download this pattern and make some to enjoy all year long. These challenging filigree ornaments bring a touch of summer and whimsy to your Christmas tree and make great sun catchers for your windows. This is an original, professionally drawn pattern complete with full color photos and instructions. This would be considered an intermediate level project.
  •  Hummingbird Morning Glory Frame Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    What better illustrates the warm, lazy summer days then beautiful Morning Glory flowers spotted with a hungry Hummingbird or two searching for some sweet nectar. This fretwork picture frame features an overlay of segmented flowers and a beautiful segmented hummingbird. A great intermediate level pattern. An original, professionally drawn, scrollsaw pattern with complete, full color photos and instructions.
  •  Hummingbird Layered Trinket Box Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    This hummingbird trinket box is made of layers of 1/2 or 3/8 inch thick wood stacked to give a basket weave effect. It is great for using up those extra smaller pieces of hard wood. This is a great pattern for the beginner to intermediate scroll sawyer, with complete instructions and full color photos.
  •  Hummingbird Self Framing Plaque Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    This original hummingbird plaque features a frame and plaque which are cut from the same piece of wood. You tilt the saw slightly to recess the inside of the plaque and add the back board to the center part of the design. A nice new way to frame your fretwork pieces. Great intermediate level pattern.
  •  Hummingbird Tealight Candle Holder Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF
    This is a simple project for a beginner scroll sawyer and is a good project to make for gifts and craft shows. Full instructions for cutting and assembly are included. This three dimensional hummingbird silhouette candle holder is for use with small tea light candles sold in metal cups or glass holders. You can also use battery operated tea light candles.A good scrap wood project.
  •  Carving North American Hummingbirds Book
    Few birds present a carving challenge equal to that of the hummingbird. No bigger than an outstretched hand, the hummingbird sports iridescent coloring, tiny features and amazing ariel maneuvers - all...
  •  Carving Hummingbirds Book
    Everyone loves to watch the flashing movements of hummingbirds as they hover around gardens. Now, in 70 pages and more than 200 color photographs and charts, this complete reference for bird lovers, w...
  •  Hummingbird Feeder Set Woodworking Plan
    This package includes three unique hummingbird projects in one plan.
  •  Hummingbird Giant Layered 3D Woodworking Plan
    Decorate your yard or garden with this gigantic version of a Hummingbird! Our full size pattern includes complete instructions on assembly and painting. Finished dimensions of this 3D project measure ...
  •  Hummingbirds Woodworking Plan Set - 4 Designs included
    Assortment of hummingbirds. Largest is 10 inches high x 9 inches wide. Four designs included.
  •  Hummingbird #3 (PDF) Scroll Saw Pattern
    Caught in mid-air flight this hummingbird taps into natures sweet nectar.
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